The Best Watches For Men

If you have come this far, you must be looking for the best watches for men. Well, it’s your lucky day, because you’re in front of the best guide to buy watches for men from all over the internet. The best way to not make a mistake in your purchase!

It is impossible to say which is the best men’s watch like that, first. Many times, that depends more on the buyer himself than on the product itself. Therefore, we present the four best options according to different criteria.


Casio Men’s EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Tough Solar Stainless Steel

The Best Watches For Men 0 The Best Watches For Men

As usual in Buy Online Cheap, the first option we present is an economic option, for those people who have a more adjusted budget. And the cheapest option of higher quality that we have found is Casio Edifice Solar.

The first thing to mention about this men’s wristwatch is that it has excellent ratings on Amazon. And, taking into account that, although it is cheap, it has a somewhat high price, that is something to be taken into account (people value more strictly expensive products than cheap ones, as you should already know).

Anyway, the truth is that this watch has sold more than 1700 units and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. That is an excellent product for men who, although demanding, do not want to spend more than necessary.

It should be mentioned that it is a quartz watch and that it has a stainless steel strap, imitating the color of silver. The crystal of the dial is mineral crystal, and, of course, it is an analog clock, to gain in elegance.

The closing system is safety, and the diameter of the box is 47 millimeters, while the thickness is 13 millimeters. The width of the belt, on the other hand, is 20 millimeters.

Obviously, it is resistant to water up to a pressure of 10 bars (about 100 meters deep), so you have a good guarantee that it will not break down, even if you wear it on the beach or in the pool.

Another interesting point to mention is that it has a photovoltaic cell that makes it unnecessary to buy and change batteries. The battery will recharge automatically with simple use. Fantastic!

Therefore, if you were looking for a good cheap men’s watch, you are facing one of the best in the market. Obviously, the brand is not the most prestigious and does not have any spectacular features either. But, for the price that it has, it is a very good option.


Braun Watch

The Best Watches For Men 1 The Best Watches For Men

Now, once we have seen the cheapest option of the highest quality, we can see the best quality-price. Here the quality already goes up a bit, but the price is relatively low. And the best option in terms of value for money that we have found is Braun Watch.

This watch, like the previous one, has excellent ratings, which make it count on a 4.8 out of 5 with more than 500 units sold. And, considering that it is a somewhat more expensive product than the previous one, you can imagine the excellent quality of the watch.

For the rest, it is a watch with an analog chronograph quartz movement system, and that also has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, so its durability is guaranteed.

As for the strap, it is a high-quality black rubber strap with stainless steel buckle, so you can be sure that you will not have any problems with it.

Another interesting aspect of this watch is that it has been awarded iF Design of 2013, the Red Dot Design of 2013 and the German Design of 2014. That is, it has been considered for two years one of the best watches in terms of design.

And, obviously, it is a water resistant watch. Of course, a little less than the previous one, since it only supports up to three atmospheres. However, three atmospheres is enough for practically any case.

For the rest, it has a two-year warranty, so if you have any kind of problem within that period, they will fix it without any obligation or refund the money. So you are totally covered before possible problems.

So, if you were looking for a good watch for men in terms of value for money, you can stop looking, because you will not find any that meets this balance so well.

And, of course, if you want some watches that already enter fully into the world of authentic quality and luxury, you can read the next two that we are going to recommend, which are the most interesting.


Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Tradition Men’s Automatic Watch

The Best Watches For Men 2 The Best Watches For Men

Given the above, we can now move to the highest-end products. As you can imagine, the quality here is already much higher and, therefore, so is the price. The best high-end option, in our opinion, is Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques.

The first thing to mention about this watch is that it has an unbeatable rating of 5 out of 5 with more than 200 units sold. It is true that it is expensive, but you can already see the incredible quality it has by virtue of what buyers think.

For the rest, it is a classic watch, but it has some modern touches that make it a successful purchase at any time. A watch forever, that can be passed from generation to generation without problems.

Among the elements to be highlighted are the Swiss machinery and the sapphire crystal, as well as the black leather strap and the stainless steel case. The box, by the way, has a diameter of 38 millimeters.

Obviously, it is not a super luxury gold watch, but it is a very high-level product, with a brand of international recognition behind, and that will make your wrist look spectacular.

Therefore, if you were looking for an excellent watch for men, you can stop doing it. This is an awesome option for any man, regardless of his age. Exclusivity and quality at a relatively low price.


Hamilton Men’s H32596741 Jazzmaster Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Black Watch

The Best Watches For Men 3 The Best Watches For Men

Finally, we have the best option in the market. Obviously, we are talking about the best option, so both the quality and the price is much higher. The best option of the market, in our opinion, is Hamilton Men’s H32596741.

This watch has an automatic mechanism, which means that it recharges with the movement of your wrist. This is, on the one hand, very comfortable, and, on the other hand, very ecological, because you do not have to use batteries or batteries of any kind.

It has a calendar and date, and it shines in the dark. In addition, it has a resistance to water of up to 10 atmospheres (100 meters), so you can do even diving with the watch on.

On the other hand, the strap is made of black leather, while the case is made of stainless steel, with the silver dial. With such features, it is normal to have a 5 out of 5 on Amazon despite having a fairly high price.

Finally, it is important to mention that, despite being a somewhat more expensive watch than the previous one, it is not that the difference is abysmal. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the greatest elegance and an extra touch of luxury, you could opt directly for this watch.

So, if you were looking for the best men’s watch in the market, you can stop looking, because you will not find any better than this one. From here, there are the Rolex and other brands of super luxury. And, for my part, I tend to recommend these watches more than those others in which you exclusively pay for the brand.

What should you look for when buying a men’s watch?

Once we have seen our recommendations, let’s see what characteristics you should look for when buying your watch for men. Thus, even if you ignore our recommendations, you will not fail in your purchase. Let’s go there!

What do you want it for?

The first thing you have to clarify when you go to buy a watch is what you want it for. And is that, if you do not know what you want the watch for, you will hardly buy the best option for your particular case.

Basically, there are three different options:

  1. To know the time: Yes, it’s obvious. What I mean at this point is people who simply want to know the time. No more He wants to know the time in his normal day to day, when he goes to buy bread and when he stays with his friends. He does not want it to play sports or for status brands. He just wants to know the time. In this case, you will need a simple and effective watch.
  2. To play sports: On the other hand, there are people who want a watch, but to play sports. In this case, the thing changes a little, because any cheap and efficient watch does not work for you. You need one that has its own characteristics. That is, you will need one that is light, that can get wet, that also has a heart rate monitor and count the steps you have taken, etc.
  3. As a luxury element: Finally, there are luxury watches, which you want, basically, to mark your status. It’s not bad to do it, it’s perfectly respectable, but you have to go with the truth ahead and know what that is being valued. At this point, you need maximum efficiency and the best design.

You have to be clear about what you want the watch for because it does not make sense to buy a super expensive watch when you have no interest in using it as a luxury complement. And, obviously, it does not make sense to buy a sports watch if you want it as an element of luxury.

The material of the box

The first thing that you have to fix is in the material of the box. That is that part of the clock that surrounds the sphere and all the mechanism that allows the clock to work. At this point, there are different options, so you have to choose properly.

It should be noted, however, that most of the watch cases are made of metal, and that the most popular option is stainless steel. Obviously, this does not mean that there are no other options, but it is the most popular option.

In addition, stainless steel is the option that is used in the highest quality watches, so, when choosing one option or another, it is best to opt for stainless steel.

The good thing about stainless steel is that it is a very attractive material that resists both pigmentation and discoloration. And this is essential in a good wrist watch for men.

Now, it should be mentioned that, in recent times, there is another material that is taking space away from stainless steel, and it is about titanium. Titanium is as strong and durable as stainless steel, but it has the advantage of being lighter.

Finally, as is natural, we have to talk about gold. In luxury watches, the material used in the box is gold, which can be 14, 18 or 22 carats, normally. In addition, it is available in yellow, pink or white tones.

It is up to you to choose one option or another, but think that you do not have to look exclusively at the design or exclusively at the functionality, but at a mixture of both. Do not worry: Normally those with more functionality and quality have the best design and vice versa.

Belt material

The next point you have to fix on is the material of the strap. The strap is the two strips that “grab” the box and allow it to attach to the wrist, through different mechanisms. The materials of the belt can be very varied, and choosing one option or another depends on your tastes.

Normally, you can differentiate between wrist straps and strap straps themselves. That is, those watches that look like a bracelet, and those that have a strap more… strap.

For the part of the strap, the most usual is to find watches of fabric, nylon, rubber, leather or synthetic materials. Naturally, leather is an option that adds beauty and casual touch to watches.

For its part, rubber belts or other similar materials are often used for those watches that are going to be used in a sports field and for outdoor activities.

For the part of the watches with bracelet type straps, it is necessary to mention that they are usually of the same material as the box. Thus, it is normal to find them in stainless steel, titanium or, again, gold.

It is also important to mention the fact that, depending on whether you opt for a proper race, or for a bracelet type watch, you must choose a type of closure or another.

While strap watches often use locking systems such as those on a belt, those watches that use a bracelet-type strap usually have a more complex and mechanical locking system.

In any case, and to finish, you should bear in mind that the same watch can have different straps so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs on each specific day.

Movement type

The next point you have to look at is the type of movement the watch has. That is, in what way it works. What is it that makes the hands of the clock move? And, here, there are three fundamental options:

Quartz movement

The first option is the quartz movement. A quartz watch is powered by a battery. In this type of design, a quartz crystal vibrates by driving a motor that moves the hands at a constant speed.

Given these characteristics, this type of movement is very reliable, and that is why they tend to value it quite well. Additionally, they are relatively cheap watches, so you can opt for them in the vast majority of cases.

Another interesting point is that some of these quartz watches use batteries that are charged by sunlight, or using kinetic technology. This means that you do not have to change batteries or anything similar.

Mechanical movement

The next type of clock is the mechanical movement clock. This type of clock is composed of a pendulum, a spiral, a lever, and a steering wheel, and the power source is a spring that is wound manually.

Once you have wound the spring, it tends to unwind naturally, releasing the energy that allows the different parts of the watch to activate and make the characteristic ticking movement.

The elements of this type of watches that really give rhythm to time are the pendulum and the spiral, and one of the advantages of this type of watches is that they do not use batteries of any kind.

Another interesting point is that, although the quartz watches have advanced a lot in recent times, the truth is that mechanical watches still tend to be more reliable and accurate than quartz.

One last interesting aspect to keep in mind is that mechanical watches, by their nature, are very durable, and that is one of the reasons why it is common for them to be transmitted from generation to generation, working perfectly.

Automatic movement

Automatic watches have a slightly different operation. What they do is take advantage of the movement of your wrist to keep the clock running, which is very interesting (although sometimes it can give problems).

These automatic watches, by their nature, do not need batteries. However, if you spend more time of the account without giving them useful, they will stop, and you will have to put them back on time (yes, when you use them again, they will work again without problems).

In any case, this type of clock is not the one I like the most. Of course, it is a matter of taste, since many people find automatic watches comfortable. However, I prefer quartz or mechanics.

Size of the watch

Another aspect that you should bear in mind, as is natural, is the size of the watch. And, as you can guess, the size of the watch directly affects the weight of the watch. Therefore, it is a relevant factor.

In general, the size of the watch can be measured as the size of the watch case itself, as in the size of the watch. And, of course, in men watches are usually larger than in the case of women.

Here comes into play the taste of each and the choice of the style that you like to each. There are some people who prefer a large clock and others who prefer a smaller one. Simply, you have to know that it is a relevant factor.

Required care

The next aspect that you have to look at (before moving on to more general ones, such as the brand, the price or the opinions), is the care that the watch itself will require. And in this case, good watches require more care than bad watches.

It may seem a paradox, but it is not: good watches are examples of fine craftsmanship and will last for decades if you take good care of them. That is why they can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you find a watch that says you do not have to take care of it too much, it’s best to be suspicious. You do not have to take care of it because it will last a few years and then you will have to throw it away and buy another one.

The normal thing is that, when buying a good watch, you are recommended to clean it regularly, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, to avoid getting wet them regularly (even when they are resistant to water).

In short, if you want a good watch, make sure you see what the care required by it is. Normally, the better it is, the more you will be warned that you must take care of it because the seller himself knows the value of what he is selling.


How could it be otherwise, when you go to make the purchase, you have to look at the brand. And, although it seems that looking at the marks is superficial, it is not at all. As a rule, a good brand brings confidence.

What is the reason for saying this? Well, it could not be simpler: The brands of great reputation can only be so if they satisfy their customers. If it were not like that, we would go to the competition, and those marks would disappear.

So, in general, if you can choose, always choose the recognized brands. This way you will have the first filter of assured quality (and it costs little to apply it). Do not pay attention to that of “with the brands, you pay the name”. It’s not true, what you pay for is quality.


Obviously, when you go shopping, you also have to look at the price. There are a couple of aspects to consider in this regard. Let’s see them in some detail.

Naturally, first of all, you should try to find the lowest price. There is no need to think twice about the subject: The more money we keep in the portfolio, the better. But, if you have to choose between price and quality, always choose quality.

The other point that you should observe is the availability of discounts and offers. As it could not be otherwise, if there are offers or discounts, it is worth using them. In this way, you will be able to obtain high quality at a low price.


Finally, it is always important that you look at the opinions of previous buyers. The reviews and assessments will give you valuable information for free. Therefore, we would do badly by not taking advantage of it.

You have to understand that these types of valuations are past purchases that were right or wrong. If you did not take advantage of that information, you would be very stupid. Do not fall into the same mistakes that the previous buyers fell into!

You may find a good brand with a good price, but very bad opinions. If that happened, it’s best that you look for an alternative. Always trust the opinions of previous buyers, because they only want to notify.

As you can see, this is the best guide to buying watches for men on the network. We have put all our knowledge to make it useful. If you want to help us keep doing this work, it would be great for you to share it with your friends!

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