The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the best running shoes. And, although it may seem that any footwear is good for it, the truth is that it is preferable to have the best, whether you are male or female.
First, let’s see the best walking shoes for women. If you are a woman and want to buy some good shoes to walk often, these are the best you will find:


NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Cross Trainer

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 0 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

The first shoes I want to comment on are the NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 for women. These shoes are extremely comfortable and very flexible, in addition to being very well ventilated, so that the problem of poor perspiration is avoided.

The price is a little high, but you have to bear in mind that you are not only paying for these features, but also for excellent design and a brand of recognized prestige that guarantees the highest quality.

If you are looking for good walking shoes, that are resistant, comfortable and hold a good time, the NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 is a more than recommended option, being valid, too, to go for a run.


Brooks Women’s Transcend 2 Running Shoe

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 1 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

If you need something more robust than the previous shoes, you also have a good option in the Brooks brand. In this case, in addition, with varied designs for you to choose those that best suit your tastes and needs.

The Brooks Transcend 2 is an excellent shoe for runners, but they are also ideal for walking. It should be noted that, since they are designed for pronator corridors, they will give you great stability.

It is true that they do not offer as much flexibility as the previous ones, but that is compensated with very high comfort and excellent ventilation.

In my opinion, this is a better option than the previous one, since, in the previous shoes, you pay the price of being designed especially for regular runners. This is aimed at the public that runs occasionally, but wants, above all, to walk.


ASICS Women’s GEL-Zaraca 4 Running Shoe

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 2 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

And now we change the continent, going to Asia, where the Asics brand offers some really interesting shoes, especially if we look at their value for money.

It is a comfortable, well-ventilated shoe and, despite being installed in the concept of low-mid-range sneaker (unlike previous ones), offers a very good response when walking.

It should be noted that although the running shoes do not need as much cushioning as running shoes, the Asics Gel Zaraca 4 does have some cushioning, which always comes in handy.

And, of course, not everyone who reads this list necessarily has to go for the best of the best. This is a good option if you want quality, but you do not want to spend more than $60 or $70.

The best running shoes for men

If you want to buy walking shoes and you are a man, here are some of the best options. As you can see, they are specially designed for people like you, who have to walk a lot and very often.


PUMA Men’s Faas 500 V2 Running Shoe

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 3 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

The first men’s shoes that I want to mention are the Puma Faas 500 v4, which offer the best of comfort and flexibility. His breathing is quite good, although not at the level of the shoes of the higher ranges.

And, despite having a good design and very remarkable features, the truth is that Puma Faas 500 v4 shoes are quite cheap, with a price of around $70.


Skechers GOrun 4 Men’s Sneakers Running Shoes

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 4 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

Skechers is a relatively new brand, but they do their job very well and I can not include it in this list. In addition, this last season has made a qualitative leap very remarkable.

They are comfortable, flexible and, although they do not have the best ventilation, they compensate with a very affordable price. Therefore, if you are going to start walking and do not want to invest in the best of qualities, the Skechers Gorun 4 is a very good option.


adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost M Running Shoe

The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men 5 The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men

Finally, we have the Adidas Ultra Boost, which is, by far, the most interesting sneakers of the entire list. It should be noted that, despite including it in the list of shoes for men, there is also a version for women, which is equally interesting.

These shoes to walk a lot are the most comfortable you’ll find in the market and, despite having enough cushioning, have brutal stability.

It is true that they are more thought out to go running than to walk, but, I’m not going to cheat you: If you try these shoes to go out for your walks, you will not want to try others.

As with the Nike Free that we mentioned in the first place, the bad thing about these shoes is the price, which is around $140. It’s normal: You pay for the quality of the brand, which is not small.

Why is it important to have shoes to walk a lot?

Having shoes or shoes to walk a lot is essential since bad footwear can cause you to have problems in the feet or even in the spine. Therefore, it is recommended that you select the most appropriate footwear for you.

It is true that it is not as important as in the case of running shoes, since there is no bounce in each step and, consequently, the body suffers less. But, despite this, it is always preferable to have the most appropriate footwear.

I have already shown you the best shoes for both men and women. But they may not be to your liking and you may prefer others. For this, I show you some of the factors that you must take into account when choosing your walking shoes:

  1. Comfort: First, the shoes you buy have to be comfortable. It is evident: If you are going to buy some shoes to walk a lot, be it a man’s or a woman’s, what you have to ask them is that they give you maximum comfort when walking.
  2. Ventilation: Another key aspect when buying a pair of walking shoes is that they have good ventilation. The first reason, obviously, to avoid bad smells. The second, so that the foot transpire and there is no risk of fungi.
  3. Flexibility: Flexibility is also important so that it adapts perfectly to your foot and you feel like you are barefoot, but with good protection both on the sole and on the top and sides.
  4. Design: Finally, although it is not as important a point as the previous ones, you also have to look for a good design. And is that, if you’re going to walk a lot, and since you invest in buying some good shoes to walk, it is best to opt for those that you like more and make you feel elegant.

As you can see, having the best walking shoes is very important, because, otherwise, you may have foot problems. That is why we recommend that you keep this list of the best footwear in mind if you are going to walk a lot.

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