The Best Torque Wrench

In today’s article, let’s talk about torque wrenches. A product that you may not know, but that can solve a good amount of problems in your workshop. Therefore, today, we present everything you need to know when buying a torque wrench.

Surely you’re not used to talking about torque wrenches and do not know what it is. Therefore, it is convenient to make a brief explanation in this regard. And, since it is always difficult to explain what is something to those who know absolutely nothing about what it is about explaining, we are going to make an approximation.

An element somewhat similar to the torque wrench is the ratchet. At least, they have an approximate appearance, although the use of both types of keys is completely different.


3/8″ Dr Torque Wrench

The Best Torque Wrench 0 The Best Torque Wrench

The key Rolson 42659 is a very interesting key. It is the “worst” of the five that we are going to present, but you have to bear in mind that this list includes the best ones. That being the case, even this, which is the least good, is much better than the market average.

It is a key with a lot of quality, strength, and resistance. Its size is 39.8 x 5.6 x 4.2 cm and is very careful in everything that has to do with design and ergonomics. It is comfortable to use and manageable, so it will not give you any kind of problem during its use.

Its handle is black and is made of a non-slip material so that you will not run the risk of slipping and end up hurting you with any of the elements that surround the nut you are tightening.

In addition, it has a range of tightening that varies from 6 to 108 Nm and ratchet of 9.5 mm. It is, therefore, a key more than acceptable to the common people. If you’re not looking for something very professional, it’s pretty good. Although you have better alternatives.

Everything in it is pretty good: The price, the handling, its effectiveness, the brand, the manufacturer, the calibration… And, besides, it’s cheap. The biggest problem, however, is that it has no accessories or accessories that accompany it and that, if you are demanding, it will seem insufficient.


Unitec 20807 Auto Torque Wrench

The Best Torque Wrench 1 The Best Torque Wrench

The next key, already has a somewhat higher quality, and the price remains relatively low, so we can speak of the best torque wrench in terms of quality-price. It is the Unitec 20809.

This key offers a tightening range of between 10 and 210 Nm. That is, much more than the previous option. If we add that it measures 49 x 6.6 x 6.4 centimeters, and weighs 1.8 kilos, we have a torque wrench of much more quality than the previous one.

It should be noted, however, that as it weighs almost a kilo more than the previous one, it is not particularly useful to go with it by bike. For that, you will find other more suitable options.

This torque wrench is to have it in the toolbox and use it when you need it to make arrangements at home. If you intend to go by bike with her… It will cost you. It is not easy to add two kilos of weight during the entire trip.

Leaving that aside, it must be said that it is a key very well calibrated and that, in addition, it has an exceptional design, with a handle in black color totally non-slip, which allows eliminating any possibility of slipping and hurting yourself.

It may be insufficient, but for this price, you will not find anything better. From here, all the keys are more professional, and, therefore, the price also starts to climb a little.

It should be noted that it is made of steel, so it guarantees good durability and resistance. This way, if you buy it, you can be sure that you will not need another one in your toolbox for many years.

The worst thing about this key is that, although its calibration is very good, it is not 100% accurate. That is something that has to be taken into account.

On the other hand, for its weight and characteristics, I do not consider it useful for cyclists or for daily use. It is designed to have it in the toolbox and use it sporadically when you need it.


Mighty torque wrench 1/4 inch

The Best Torque Wrench 2 The Best Torque Wrench

The third key that I bring to this list is the Mighty 880275, which is something more professional than the previous two. That’s why he deserves to be in third place and take the bronze medal.

If we start by talking about its appearance and its design, it is important to point out that it has very interesting robustness characteristics. It is very solid, and that guarantees you at the same time efficiency and durability.

In addition, it has been manufactured with very good materials, offering a very high quality. Of course, its handle is made of non-slip materials, like the ones mentioned above, to prevent you from slipping that could hurt you.

It has a tightening range of 2-24 Nm, and includes a case with several accessories that make the product much more complete. It includes, for example, 5 mm adapter and T25 + T30.

Its calibration is the best, offering a real and effective tightening in any case in which you use it. Also, as its size is not too big, it is one of the best options for those who have a bicycle.

The box includes different hexagonal tips, ranging from 3 to 10 millimeters, as well as different Allen keys and Torx T 25. Therefore, it offers all kinds of tools for your bike, in a very comfortable box and with an excellent presentation.

It should be noted that, given its characteristics, if you take good care of this torque wrench, it will perfectly last a few years, so it is an investment in quality that you should not lose sight of.

Finally, note that this model is reversible ratchet (1/4 “) with changing direction, which provides extra comfort. In addition, it is very easy to use and calibrate.

Regarding the drawbacks, perhaps it should be noted that, despite having a very good calibration, it is not 100% accurate. In addition, although it is a good key to use in your bike outings, it may not be the best if you think of giving it a very frequent use.


Park Tool Ratcheting Torque Wrench

The Best Torque Wrench 3 The Best Torque Wrench

And finally, we have the best torque wrench on the market, totally professional and with excellent service for the most demanding people. This is the Park Tool TW-6 10-60, of which we have already talked a bit in the previous section.

This key is very strong and robust, with a non-slip handle that guarantees excellent use without risk of slipping and hurting yourself with any of the elements nearby.

In addition, it includes a protective cover to guarantee its excellent conservation. It is one of those tools that if you care, it can last you for many years. It is, therefore, an investment in quality.

It should be noted that it is a very professional tool, designed so that you can tighten all the elements of the machine in front of you at the desired pressure in a matter of seconds.

The model has a 3/8 “square head and a tightening range of 10-60 Nm. And one of the most interesting elements is that its weight is really low, being only 905 grams.

It is, therefore, an ideal tool to use at home, as well as to carry it in case you need it in one of your outings with the bike. Obviously, it is always uncomfortable to carry such a tool on top. But, if you need it, it weighs little.

It is important to note, also, that this tool can be used for all types of machines, is especially recommended for bikes and also motorcycles. However, I have to say that I use it for my tractor and my boiler, and it does not give me problems.

Another interesting element is that it allows tightening in both directions, something that not all torque wrenches do. With this, you can get an ideal fit, fully adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Undoubtedly, a tool that deserves gold, being perfectly calibrated, is very effective and, why not say it, with a good value for money if what you need is a professional torque wrench.

If what you need is a less professional torque wrench, you can choose one of the above. But if you want quality, and not leave anything to chance, you have to choose a professional, and this is the best in that field.

As for the drawbacks, which can always be found, we can say that the cost is quite above that of other torque wrenches. But this is something natural, because the previous ones, for example, were not professionals. This one yes.

For me, this is an essential tool in the toolbox. And, although the previous ones have lower prices, I have tried several, and, when you have a quality torque wrench, I can assure you that you can tell the difference.

Comparison of the ratchet and the torque wrench

A ratchet is a manual tool that is used to adjust screws and other threaded elements. In general, it is a tool that should not be missing in the toolbox of any handyman.

It is a tool that allows keeping any machine or item that includes screws and nuts to the point, as we could do with other tools, such as wrenches.

However, the advantage of the ratchet over other tools, such as the wrenches, is that they allow tightening the nuts without turning the key at any time.

Simply, attach the ratchet to the nut, and turn. If you need to turn the nut one more time, you go backward without decoupling the nut, and you turn again.

Thanks to its system, if you go in one direction, you tighten (or loosen) the nut, but, if you go in the opposite direction, do not loosen (or tighten). In this way, you can save a lot of time and effort. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable tools that exist.

However, the torque wrenches have another special function, which is to allow tightening the nuts and bolts to a specific pressure. And, although, in general, people tighten the screws to the fullest, it is not always recommended.

In different machines, the screws must be tightened to a pressure of specific bars, and that is what allows you to make the torque wrench.

The torque wrenches include a small spring that makes a small “click” when we are using it to tighten a nut or a screw, in such a way that it notifies us of the moment in which we have reached the ideal tightening.

In addition, the torque wrenches have marked graduation in the tool itself that we can adjust as we need. You can imagine a ratchet that can be made longer or shorter, depending on the needs.

And what are those needs? The ones that we mark the manufacturer of the nut or screw that we want to tighten. Because, as I said at the beginning, the objective is to tighten the nuts and bolts to the right bars.

Why buy a torque wrench?

The question of why to buy a torque wrench, as long as you ask ” why should I buy this “, is difficult to answer, because it has more to do with the person who buys, than with the product itself.

I, for example, bought the torque wrench, originally, to have it in my toolbox, because it is very comfortable and I needed it for different household machines, like the tractor or the boiler. But afterward, when I started cycling in a more serious way, I realized how useful it was.

Therefore, I bought a lighter, to be able to take it over if I needed it at a given time while going out to go around with the bike (because the one I have in the toolbox is rather heavy).

There are two fundamental situations why you should buy a key of this type:

  • The first: If you are a cyclist, this key saves you a lot of work at the worst moment. That is to say, at the moment in which you are out there and your bike has given you a problem. In those moments, you want maximum efficiency. And that only gives the torque wrench.
  • The second: When you are a handyman and at home, you want to have the best tools. If it is your case (as it is mine), the most advisable thing is that you have a key of this type in your home, because the comfort and speed that it brings is something to take into account.

What should you look for when buying a torque wrench?

Now, before moving on to see which are the best torque wrenches, let’s see what features they should have. In this way, even if you buy a key of this type that does not appear in the following list, you can be clear on what you should look at.

The characteristics that you should contemplate when making your purchase, are the following:

  1. Strength: First of all, you have to look at the strength of the key. It is recommended that it be between 20 and 100%. Below 20%, the reading error is much higher, so you should try to find a key with the highest possible strength.
  2. Vessels: The cups or hexagonal tips are the elements that are placed on the wrench and allow to tighten the nuts. Obviously, you should look for those keys that have a greater amount of glasses, to be able to use it in as many nuts of different size as possible.
  3. Calibration: Another important aspect is calibration. It is important that your key is, so you can have full control when using it. Otherwise, it may be more expensive to use a key of this type.
  4. Handle: The handle, of course, must be non-slip and ergonomic, as in any tool worth its salt. It should bring you comfort in use so that you do not slip and hurt yourself.
  5. Brand: Finally, you should look at the brand. Obviously, you can find torque wrenches that, without being branded, offer good features. However, in general, brands help guarantee a certain quality and have a place to claim if the key you acquire ends up not having enough quality.

As you can see, buying a torque wrench requires knowing some basic aspects of these. We hope, however, that this article has been enough to give you the necessary knowledge to find the one that best suits your needs.

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