The Best Robotic Window Cleaners

You are here! That must be because you are looking for information about the best glass cleaner robots. You are in luck because we have the best guide about buying glass cleaner robots. Enjoy it so that our effort has been worth it!

It would be very bold to say what glass cleaner robot you should buy. In this type of products, the best option depends on your needs and tastes. Therefore, we prefer to give you a list of the best glass cleaner robots according to several criteria.


ECOVACS WINBOT W710, the Window Cleaning Robot

The Best Robotic Window Cleaners 0 The Best Robotic Window Cleaners

To start, as we always do in BuyOnlineBarato, we present the best cheap window cleaner robot, which is the Winbot W710 Ecovacs. This option is designed for people who do not want to spend too much (although that does not mean poor quality).

This robot to clean crystals has a cleaning system in three stages and has a security system for the outside of the windows, where, as you know, it is convenient to be careful so that the robot does not fall into the street.

It can be used having it plugged into the power, but it also has a battery with a range of about 10-15 minutes. Of course, if you use it wirelessly, make sure you use your security system.

In addition, it is necessary to mention that it is capable of cleaning double crystals of Climalit type, because it does not use a system of magnets, but of suction, and, with this type of system, it does not matter if the window is thin or thick… It stays perfectly glued!

Also, it is necessary to mention that it is easy to use, although you will have to dedicate a few minutes to get the hang of it (special mention deserves the fact that it only has instructions in German).

As always in this type of equipment, the most remarkable thing is its ability to reach the most dangerous and inaccessible areas of the windows without running any type of risk in the cleaning process.

So, if you are looking for a good cheap window cleaning robot, we recommend that you opt for this because it has everything you need. Obviously, it is a simple robot, without pretensions, but that fulfills its function very well.


ECOVACS WINBOT W930 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

The Best Robotic Window Cleaners 1 The Best Robotic Window Cleaners

We have already seen the cheap option, now let’s see the best quality glass cleaner. It is a bit more expensive, but its quality is also higher. In this case, we talk about the Winbot 930 Ecovacs.

This robot to clean crystals is the best in terms of value for money for several of the features that you will be able to see in this section. And it is that, for the price that it has, its functions are really interesting.

To begin with, we must mention that it can clean up to twelve different types of surfaces, and also has a system called iSmart Drive System, which allows you to move intelligently through the glass.

It is also worth noting that this glass cleaner robot is not wireless, but always has to be plugged into the power. However, in practice, this is not a problem.

At the end of the day, all glass cleaner robots, even if they are wireless, have a security system that consists of… a rope. Therefore, the fact that it has to be connected to the electric current through a cable, does not imply a major problem.

One of the negative points that most buyers mention is that it makes more noise than would be desirable. But hey, not everything can be perfect and, after all, this is a mid-range, not high-end glass cleaner.

So, in short, if you want the best glass cleaner robot in terms of value for money, I recommend you do not hesitate and buy the Ecovacs Winbot 930. For this price, you will not find higher quality. From here, we enter high-end models.


ECOVACS WINBOT W950 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

The Best Robotic Window Cleaners 2 The Best Robotic Window Cleaners

You’ve seen the best at an affordable price and the best for quality-price. We can now enter more quality products (and a little more expensive). It is the best high-end automatic window cleaner. It is time, therefore, to talk about the Winbot Ecovacs.

This glass cleaner robot offers great practicality and more freedom than the other options on the market. It will help you to clean the windows, but it will also be useful for shower screens or mirrors, for example.

You can even apply some of its functions to bathroom tiles, something that multiplies its uses and makes the product much more valuable because you can take advantage of it much more than the previous options.

It has reduced dimensions, 22 * 22 * 10.3 centimeters, and a weight of only 1.3 kilos. Thanks to this, you can manipulate it with the greatest of comforts, and place it comfortably wherever you want it to clean, and let it work.

It should be mentioned that this glass cleaner robot has a cable to prevent falls and provide it with the suction power it needs. And we must mention that this cable is a little short, we will not cheat. But, fortunately, extensions can be used.

Another notable feature of this glass cleaner robot is that it has an edge detection technology that avoids the collision with the corners and that detaches from the glass, so, for the safety part, it is front compared to the previous ones.

Another relevant point is that it has a remote control so you can direct it, handling it comfortably from the sofa when you do not want it to go at your own pace. You will not always use this feature, but it’s okay to include it for when you need it.

In short, it is an excellent product. If you’re looking for a high-end glass cleaner, you should not let yourself be carried away by another option. This is the one that will best meet your expectations without leaving you a fortune. And, if you want the best of the best, then read on.


E.Zicom E.ziclean Hobot Robot Lave Vitre

The Best Robotic Window Cleaners 3 The Best Robotic Window Cleaners

It’s time to talk about the best glass cleaner robot in the market. As you can imagine, this option is more expensive, but the quality is exceptional. The best option is, of course, the E.Ziclean Hobot V2.

This glass cleaner robot is capable of covering surfaces of up to 30 square meters, which is a real barbarity. With this glass cleaner robot, you can leave the windows of your house or your offices as the jets in a moment.

As for the dimensions, we must mention that they are very small, being only 30 * 15 * 12 centimeters and weighing less than a kilo. That is, very versatile and easy to manipulate, so you have the greatest comfort.

As for the noise levels, it is above 65 dB, so it is quite acceptable. It will not bother you more than the account while it is crossing the crystals to leave them very clean.

It must be mentioned that it is wireless and that it can work for 24 minutes without any difficulty. It is also remarkable the fact that it serves not only to clean glass but also tiles and walls.

It is also worth noting that, although it is wireless, it includes a strong safety cord, as it could not be otherwise. Think that, on more than one occasion, you may try to climb the frame, lose the suction force, and fall… Therefore, it is important to use the rope.

In short, a glass cleaner robot incredibly useful for all types of crystals difficult to access (but not only for these). It is no coincidence that they gave him a 4 out of 5 on Amazon with many opinions.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best glass cleaner in the market, I recommend you choose the E.Ziclean Hobot V2, because the results will leave you happy, and its price, although somewhat high, is justified by its quality.

Guide to buy glass cleaner robots

Now, once we have seen the purchase recommendations that we make, it is time to talk about what features you have to look for when buying glass cleaner robots. So you can get it right even if you do not opt for what we offer in the previous list.


First of all, when you buy a glass cleaner robot, you will have to look at the battery it has available. And it is that, like any product of this type, the battery is fundamental, because it will determine the amount of work and other related aspects.

Most glassblower robots on the market allow you to clean between four and six normal-sized windows before you have to reload the device, which is relatively good.

However, if you have to clean a larger number of windows, you will have to opt for a glass cleaner robot that has a larger battery, so you can clean more between charges and loads and you can go faster.

As you can suppose, in general, the more battery the glass cleaner robot has, the higher its price will be, unless you find any offer or discount. But, if you’re going to give it a lot of use, it’s usually worth it.

Suction or magnets system

The second point you have to fix is whether you want a suction or magnet system. And I know that you may have lost, but is that the glass cleaner robots can be of the two types: operating by suction, and operating by magnets.

In the case of glass cleaners using magnets, basically, it is a robot that has two parts with magnets, which makes them stay in place by the very effect of the attraction between both parties.

These glass cleaner robots have a part that takes care of the part of the cleaning itself, while the other is used to keep it attached to the glass. Therefore, it is necessary to take two passes to clean the window on both sides.

Those who use suction systems have an engine that creates that effect against the glass, which keeps them stuck together. However, there is a problem, and that system may fail.

If the engine stops, the suction effect disappears, and the next thing that happens is that the glass cleaner robot falls from the window to the sidewalk… And if you live in an eighth and it hits someone in the head, it breaks the glass cleaner robot will be the least of your problems.

Normally, these glass cleaner robots, to solve this problem, including a cable, which, at the same time, ensures that the engine does not stop and that, in the event that it stops, the robot does not fall to the sidewalk.

You have to choose the system that best suits your needs.

Cleaning process

The next point where you have to fix when buying a cleaning robot is in the cleaning system used to clean the windows, naturally. And, here, there are a couple of options available (both quite good, really).

Most glassblower robots use brushes or mops to clean the windows, but there are others that include a drying option. The latter use a rinsing function and then carry out the drying process.

Both models work quite well if you buy a quality model. The only difference between the two is that, if you buy a robot of the first type without too much quality, it is possible that there are watermarks left in the window. But that does not happen if it is a quality product.

You will also have to look at the amount of mops or brushes that the glass cleaner robot that you are going to buy includes. Some glassblower robots, by the way, have brushes and special mops to clean other places, like shower glasses.

A final point to keep in mind within this section is whether the glass cleaner robot has an automatic system to let you know when the glass cleaner liquid is running out. This, as you can imagine, ends up being very useful.

Remote control and automatic cleaning

You’ll also have to look at whether the glass cleaner you buy has a remote control and automatic cleaning function. And it is that some glassblower robots only have the automatic function, and it is always convenient that you have both.

As you can imagine, the automatic system makes the robot go through the glass of the window until it is completely clean, while the remote control system allows you to move the robot from the sofa.

Both systems have amenities and, although it is true that, in general, with the automatic function you should have enough, we recommend that you have both functionalities, so that you can get the most out of the device.


Another essential aspect that you have to take into account when buying glass cleaner robots, is the brand. Maybe it’s a superficial aspect, but it’s not like that: The brands guarantee a certain quality.

If a brand has a lot of recognition in the market, it’s usually because it does its job well for a long time. That is why customers recognize it, and place it in a privileged position.

When a brand does not do its job well, what happens is that customers do not buy from it, and speak badly about it. And what happens? That good quality brands are popular, and nobody knows the ones of poor quality.

Therefore, whenever you can, choose good brands. With this, you will be ensuring that you have a good first quality filter. Of course, you will have to weigh the other factors, but this is a good basic criterion.


You will also have to take into account the price of the glass cleaner robots you review. How could it be otherwise, the balance between price and quality matters? It is clear that this is one of the most important points to consider.

Obviously, we are interested in the lowest prices that can be achieved. But, remember, the price should be weighed with the quality and opinions of previous buyers. If you take into account these three factors and make a good balance, you will make good purchases.

Offers and discounts also fall within this section. It is always advisable to see several purchase options to find out which one is downgraded. In this way, you can find high-quality products at low prices.


A final point to take into account is the opinion of previous buyers. You can not always know (for example, in physical stores), but when you buy online, you can. This information left by previous buyers has a lot of value to make purchases right.

The reviews and opinions allow you to know what a product is like, so it would be a serious mistake not to contemplate them. After all, if you can learn from the mistakes of others, you should do it.

As you can see, this is the best guide about buying glass cleaner robots on the internet. So, if you want to help us, we would really appreciate it if you shared it on your social networks!

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