The Best Paper Shredders

You’re interested in the best cheap paper shredders, right? If not, you would not be here. In that case, you’re in luck, because we have the best guide to buy cheap paper shredders. We hope you get the most out of it!

It is very risky to say which paper shredder is the best on the market. In this type of products, the best option depends on your needs and tastes. That being the case, we prefer to offer you a list of the best paper shredders according to several factors.


AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

The Best Paper Shredders 1 The Best Paper Shredders

To begin, as we always do in BuyOnlineBarato, we bring you the best cheap paper shredder, which is the Amazon Basics crosscut. If you need something of higher quality, you can go directly to the options below.

This paper shredder can destroy up to 600 sheets of paper per day, which is fine for any office. If you need more quantity, then you may prefer to choose a shredder from the ones below.

In any case, if you have enough capacity with this capacity, it should be mentioned that, in addition, it includes a system called Advanced ShredSafe that increases the security with which documents are shredded.

It also has a handle to comfortably transport the paper shredder from one side to the other, and three working options: Automatic, Off and Reverse. The latter will allow you to solve any problem related to paper jams.

Of course, it has its own security systems and protection against overheating, which is something that must be taken into account in a device that will be in contact with the very thin paper.

It must be mentioned that it has good power. So much so that it includes a slot for shredding CDs and DVDs, as well as credit cards. Obviously, this brings great comfort and extra security in your office.

Another relevant point is its capacity. It has a waste container with a capacity of more than 18 liters and can crush packs of up to six folios at a time, which increases the speed at which you can perform this work.

The worst point of this paper shredder is the level of security, which is quite low. Therefore, if you need the paper you destroy to be totally unreadable, we recommend that you choose one of the options below.

In short, a paper shredder that, despite being the cheapest of the list, and, therefore, the least powerful, has a quality of the most interesting. It is, without a doubt, the best cheap paper shredder.


FEL3224905 – Fellowes Powershred P-48C Deskside Cross-Cut Shredder

The Best Paper Shredders 1 The Best Paper Shredders

After seeing the best cheap option, it is time to see the best quality paper shredder. This option is more expensive, but not too much, and its quality is much higher, so it’s worth it. In this case, we talk about the Fellowes P-48C.

It is necessary to mention, before beginning, that the brand that is behind this paper shredder (Fellowes), is the best in the manufacture of paper shredders. That is why, from here on, the models we present are of this brand.

This model is one of the simplest, and then we will show you “the older sisters” of this paper shredder, which multiply the results, and which, logically, have a somewhat higher price.

Going to this concrete paper shredder, it must be mentioned that it has a compact design and that it can be used with total comfort in any office, allowing to destroy up to 8 sheets at a time in particles of 50 millimeters.

This destruction size is a level 3 security level. As you can see, the following shredders have a greater security system, but it should be mentioned that level 3 is already very good (it is a “moderate” level).

Another interesting point is that the system includes a characteristic of its own that prevents you from getting more sheets of the account, so that any danger of jam is avoided (which is very good if you are in a hurry to destroy the documents).

The bin that includes has a capacity for up to 18 liters, with a daily capacity of the destruction of sheets of 160 sheets. Another interesting point is that it can destroy clips, staples, credit cards, and DVDs and CDs.

In short, a very good option if you want a machine that can shred the paper with a good level of security, and that, moreover, do it quickly and without risks of jams. So, if you are looking for the best quality paper shredder, this is it.


Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Medium, Duty Cross, Cut Shredder

The Best Paper Shredders 2 The Best Paper Shredders

We already have the best cheap option and the best quality-price option. Now, we can move on to talking about higher quality products. We present you the best high-end paper shredder. It is time, therefore, to talk about the Fellowes 79Ci.

As I said before, this is the middle sister of the three Fellowes paper shredders that we are going to bring to you on this list. As you can see, the price of this is already a bit higher, but there is a reason for it to be that way. Well, several:

First of all, it can destroy up to 14 sheets at a time, reducing them to particles of 4 * 38 millimeters, which is a degree of security level S3, that is, high. With this, you have good protection against whoever wants to rebuild your destroyed papers.

On the other hand, it must be mentioned that it has a daily destruction capacity of more than 500 sheets, with a work cycle of 12 minutes. And to this, we must add that it can destroy clips, staples, credit cards, and CDs and DVDs. Everything you need for your security.

Another relevant point is that, like the younger sister presented previously, has a SafeSense security system, which disconnects the machine when you notice that you have too many papers at the entrance, to avoid traffic jams.

So, if you want a high-end paper shredder, this is the best option at your fingertips for an affordable price. The next one is already the older sister, with a spectacular level, but, logically, with a price that is not available to anyone.


Fellowes Powershred 99Ms 14-Sheet Micro-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

The Best Paper Shredders 3 The Best Paper Shredders

After seeing the best cheap, quality-price and high-end option, we can talk about the best paper shredder in the market. As you can imagine, this option is more expensive, but the quality is exceptional. The best option is, of course, the Fellowes 99Ms.

This paper shredder is already the older sister of the three, and that is something that you can see reflected in the price, but not only in it. Also in the security level offered, for example, which is P-5, or what is the same: Very high-security level.

It is designed for daily use by one to five people and can destroy up to 12 sheets in 2 * 14 mm microparticles. Also crush clips, staples, credit cards, CDs and DVDs, so you have the highest level of security in your office.

On the other hand, it has a litter bin with a capacity of 34 liters, and an energy saving system through automatic shutdown when it detects more than two minutes of inactivity. And is that savings are always welcome.

So, if you’re looking for the best paper shredder on the market, the Fellowes 99Ms is what you’re looking for. There is a higher level, but the extra security and capacity do not compensate for the spectacular price increase, so we recommend that you opt for this one.

Guide to buying cheap paper shredders

Given our purchase recommendations, it’s time to see the purchase guide for cheap paper shredders. So you can get it right, even if you do not opt for what we offer in the previous list.


The first thing you have to look for is the power that the shredder that you are looking at has. Naturally, the power will let you know how much paper you can shred and at what speed.

Some paper shredders have a very low power, which only allows shredding one or two sheets at the same time. However, there are others that have more power and that allow you to crush large blocks of paper at the same time.

However, keep in mind that this also has to do with the operation of the paper shredder, and not just with its power. But power is a relevant factor and must be taken into account.

You also have to bear in mind that, in general, the more power your paper shredder has, the more expensive it will be. This is not always the case, but it is usual for the price to rise as the power goes up.

And, of course, the more power you have, the more electricity you will consume, so you should not miss it. If you do not need to crush large blocks of paper at once, the best thing you can do is buy a simpler one.

Crushing capacity

The crushing capacity is also a relevant factor, although, as in the previous case, the choice of one or the other will depend, to a large extent, on the type of use you are going to give the crusher.

For example, if you want it for domestic use, it is normal to use a small crusher to crush a few pages at the same time. However, in an office, you may need to shred larger quantities at the same time.

Keep in mind, also, that, as you go up in this level of crushing capacity, the usual thing is that the machine is also getting bigger, in order to have a larger container of shredded paper.

As always, we recommend that, in case of doubt, you let yourself be carried away by the larger ones. As you well know, it is always preferable to sin of excess than of defect. In addition, the price does not vary excessively between large and small, so there is not much room for discussion.


You will also have to pay attention to the operation of the device, because the paper shredder if it is not well constructed and has a good functioning, can give rise to a good number of problems.

For example, in the cheapest options, it is normal for the crusher to get stuck, make a lot of noise or be uncomfortable to use. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the cheapest machines.

It will always be preferable to spend a little more to have access to a good quality machine that reduces all those problems (although, probably, you will not be able to avoid them completely – a paper shredding machine will always make some noise, of course).

You have to keep in mind that, especially in offices, the level of noise is a very important aspect. Therefore, you should always check that the machine you buy has the lowest possible noise level.

You also have to pay attention to that the blades do not suffer damages or do not know how to respond if they come across a staple or a clip (something of the most usual).

And finally, you’ll also have to make sure that your crushed paper drawer is easy to extract, empty and clean.


Finally, we must talk about the safety of the crushed. As with any electrical device, safety is a very important factor. Within the field of paper shredders, there are some aspects to take into account in this regard.

First of all, we must speak of security in the aspect of the impossibility of reconstructing fragments. That is, to ensure that what you destroy is totally destroyed, and not just “broken”.

Therefore, there is a regulation that establishes the different levels of security in this destruction of documents, ranging from level one to seven. To give you an idea, at the first level, the folios are cut into strips, but, at level seven, the documents are destroyed in particles of less than 5 millimeters.

You have to think about the security you need in this regard.

And, secondly, naturally, you have to pay attention to the fact that the machine has the different safety systems that can be required of an electrical device. That is protection against overheating, that the blades are insulated so you do not cut, etc.


As it can not be otherwise, you will also have to look at the brand. It may seem frivolous or superficial, but it is not: brands guarantee a certain quality.

If a brand has a lot of recognition in the market, it is because it offers quality products for a long time. Because of this, customers recognize it as a good brand and put it in that privileged place.

When a brand does not offer the quality that people demand, what customers do is to speak ill of it and not buy it. Therefore, those brands of poor quality are unknown, and those of good quality are known.

So, as far as possible, always opt for recognized brands. In this way, you ensure certain basic quality criteria. Of course, you will have to weigh the other factors, but this is a good basic criterion.


Another important point when deciding which paper shredding machines are better is the price. We bet on quality, but that does not mean not taking into account the price. It is clear that this is one of the most important points to consider.

As it could not be otherwise, what interests us most is that the price is low. However, it is not the only factor. You have to look at the opinions of the product and its quality. If the quality and opinions are not good, do not let yourself be guided by the price.

Finally, you also have to take into account discounts and offers. If you can buy something at a discount, I do not have to tell you what’s best. In this way, you can find high-quality products at low prices.


A final point to take into account is the opinion of previous buyers. Most online stores allow you to leave comments and reviews. Take advantage of the information of previous buyers, it is essential to get the right purchase.

These opinions will warn you when a product is good or bad, so you will make a serious mistake if you do not take them into account. After all, if you can learn from the mistakes of others, you should do it.

As you may have noticed, this guide with the best cheap paper shredders is the most complete of the network. So, if you want to help us, we would really appreciate it if you shared it on your social networks!

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