The Best Nail Polishes

Are you looking for information on the best nail polishes? Well, you’re in luck, because we have the best guide on buying nail polish. Take advantage of all the information!

Saying what nail polish to buy is always complicated. In this type of products, the best option depends on your needs and tastes. Therefore, we prefer to give you a list of the best nail polishes according to several criteria.


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish Color Lacquer Set 12-Piece Collection

The Best Nail Polishes 0 The Best Nail Polishes

As always, to begin with, we present you the best cheap nail polish, which is the Rimmel London. It is not the best option in the market, but it is the most affordable one. So, you can enjoy it even if you do not have a big budget.

This nail polish is cheap, but it has some very interesting characteristics. It has a quick drying system that makes your nails ready in just 60 seconds, which is record time, as you should know.

Its pigments to achieve the spectacular colors offered by this brand are of very good quality, and that is why the different options you have to choose from are really interesting.

It includes a Maxi brush to make the application as comfortable as possible, without any difficulty, and achieving very good results, with a really nice appearance with the least possible effort.

Another interesting point is that, in the manufacturing process, argan oil has been used, which, as you should know, is an excellent humectant, which will allow you to substantially improve the appearance of your nails.

It should also be mentioned that this nail polish can be used daily without any problem. You can apply color, remove it and apply another one without your nails or skin suffering too much.

So, if you were looking for a cheap nail polish, you should let yourself be carried away by this option. Obviously, it is not the best, but it has some very interesting characteristics. And, if you want something better, then look at some of the options that we present below.


Economic price


Fast dry

Formula 3 in 1


Low-end cosmetic brand


AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish

The Best Nail Polishes 1 The Best Nail Polishes

AIMELI No wipe Top Coat and Base Coat is a set of two base coat and top coat nail varnishes for performing the manicure or pedicure. It is semi-permanent enamels, which means that they last considerably longer than conventional nail polishes. They are presented in two containers of 10 milliliters each.

They require a special drying in UV or LED lamp. By having a more durable composition you also need specific products for your retired, traditional nail polish remover is not enough.

The top layer ensures 21 days of high gloss without wear and has a gel-like finish. The base layer is specially formulated to avoid stains, imperfections, and chipping of the middle color layer.


Natural resin material

Non-toxic smell

Money back satisfaction guarantee


It can cause an allergic reaction and it is necessary to perform a test before using it

Need special tools for drying and removal


essie Treat Love & Color Strengthener for Normal To Dry/Brittle Nails

The Best Nail Polishes 2 The Best Nail Polishes

We have already seen the best in terms of value for money and the best among the cheap. Now, let’s move to a higher level. A little more expensive, but of higher quality. It is the best high-end nail polish. And, within this new level, we have to talk about Essie.

The first thing to mention about these nail polishes is that the colors offered are very vibrant and truly amazing, so it is worthwhile to opt for them because they are of unusual quality.

These glazes, in addition, offer an impeccable coverage and have a resistance that very few pintauñas offer. You can use it, and, after ten days, you will still have your nails well painted (although, of course, if they grow, it will be noticed).

Another point to note is that this nail polish has a formula that has not used acetone in its manufacture. And, yes, that is an important feature to mention, because it means that you have much more care of your skin and your nails.

Finally, mention that includes a special brush that makes your application very simple and comfortable, achieving the best results in the shortest time possible. And, in these times, time is money.

Therefore, if you want a nail polish that is already fully in the high range of this world, I recommend you opt for these nail polishes. I assure you that you will not regret it because the results are spectacular.


Economic price


Fast dry

Formula 3 in 1


Low-end cosmetic brand


CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat

The Best Nail Polishes 3 The Best Nail Polishes

And, now, after the above, we can talk about the best nail polish on the market. This is an option for the most demanding, as evidenced by its price, but its quality is unmatched. We speak, of course, of the CND Vinylux Top Coat.

The first thing to mention about these nail polishes is that they are absolutely professional, and precisely because of this, their price is also a little higher compared to the options we have presented previously.

These nail polishes are not used so much in the day to day of the houses, but are rather designed for professional makeup artists, and, therefore, are often used in the back of television sets.

Now, if you are a demanding person with your personal care and, especially, with the care of your nails, I recommend that you opt for one of these nail polishes, even if they are a little more expensive. It is very worthwhile.

These professional nail polishes feature advanced Prolight technology, which makes it harden when the light shines on the enamel. In this way, it dries much faster and becomes stronger throughout the day.

The finishing layer that you can apply with this polish lasts up to seven days in perfect condition. It is a very interesting period of time and more so considering that when I say “in perfect conditions”, it is in perfect conditions, without changes.

In addition, it should be mentioned that, as it could not be otherwise being a professional nail polish when applied does not yellow or damage the nail. It allows having perfect care of the skin and the cuticle.

So, if you want the best nail polish on the market, you should not let yourself be carried away by other options. The Vinylux Top Coat is the best nail polish on the market, without any doubt.



Fast dry

Formula 3 in 1




OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

The Best Nail Polishes 4 The Best Nail Polishes

OPI Treatments Original tone Nail Envy is nail polish for strengthening treatment. It comes in a 15-milliliter container and is transparent in color.

It is indicated to treat nails weakened by natural causes or by the use of acrylic products and other types of hairpieces for a manicure. By removing these preparations, the nail is weakened, chipped, streaked and lifeless.

It is formulated with wheat and calcium protein to avoid peeling the keratin of the nail, in this way they avoid peeling and other signs of a bad condition such as breakage. After several applications improve the appearance and promote the repair of the nail that will begin to grow healthier.

Does not contain DBP toluene or formaldehyde. Special applicator brush wide for correct application.


Nail polish brand leader in the international market

Flat applicator brush

Formula without toxic and with natural components that protect the nail


High price

Does not add color

It’s just treatment


Lagunamoon Gel Polish UV LED Soak Off Varnish Lacquer Manicure Pedicure Gel Nail Polish

The Best Nail Polishes 5 The Best Nail Polishes

Laguna Moon kit of six semi-permanent enamels is a set of nail lacquer with gel formula, which contains six different colors already pre-selected in a gift box. Each container has a capacity of 8 milliliters and these are totally opaque containers to preserve the fluid from light.

It offers a long duration of approximately 10 to 14 days, they are made with a non-toxic type resin that does not give off a strong smell and has good tenacity. This means that the colors are resistant and adhere to the nail in a flexible, fast and strong way. The shine also remains intact throughout the days and the nails are impeccable and flexible, being possible so they do not flake or split.

It is suitable for natural nails as well as for artificial and acrylic ones. For drying it is essential to use UV or LED lamp, the removed must be done with the usual procedure for gel nails with specific products for this purpose.


High quality

Slight smell

Non-toxic resin


You can not choose the colors

Does not include a lower or upper base

Guide to buy nail polish

Now, once we have seen the purchase recommendations that we make, we can go on to talk about what characteristics you should look for when buying nail polishes. So you can get it right even if you do not opt for what we offer in the previous list.


First of all, of course, you will have to look at the color you buy. It is obvious, but it is worth mentioning it because depending on what you look for in your day to day, you will need one color or another.

I imagine that it is not necessary to explain here what each color transmits, that is, how red symbolizes passion or yellow happiness and joy, red. Keep this in mind when buying your nail polish.

Brand, price, and opinions

The last aspects that you must bear in mind are the brand, the price, and the opinions. It is important that the values together because the three are related to each other. Let’s see how we recommend doing this weighting:

On the brand side, you will always have to look for the best-known one. Popular brands have a long history of providing quality to customers. Therefore, betting on them, in principle, is a safer bet.

Regarding the price, the lower it is, the better. Of course, you should not sacrifice quality for a lower price. In addition, you should review the offers and discounts.

On opinions, you should always keep an eye on them. In this way, we will save ourselves from making mistakes that other people made before us. Therefore, I recommend that you always review the opinions and comments of previous buyers.

If you ponder these three factors with a little skill, the purchase you make will be very successful. These three factors should always be taken into account.

As you have seen, this is the best guide on buying nail polish on the internet. Therefore, if you want to thank us for the effort, you could share it on social networks!

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