The Best Kitchen Mandolins

If you’re here, it must be because you’re looking for the best kitchen mandolin, is not it? Well, you’re in luck! We bring you the best guide to purchase kitchen mandolins. Hopefully, it will be useful and you can buy the best option for your kitchen!

As you can imagine, we can not tell you what to buy without more. That depends, to a large extent, on your needs and preferences. Therefore, we bring you the best kitchen mandolins according to different criteria, so you can choose.


Mandoline Slicer Kainnt Adjustable Mandoline with 5 Thickness Settings Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades

The Best Kitchen Mandolins 0 The Best Kitchen Mandolins

For starters, as usual in Buy Online Cheap, we show you the best cheap kitchen mandolin. As is natural, being a cheaper product, its quality is also somewhat lower, but if you are looking for a reasonable price, this is your best option.

This kitchen mandolin has five interchangeable stainless steel blades, so you can choose the most suitable for each food you are cooking or preparing.

It is made of ABS plastic, which is the best plastic to use in utensils that will be in contact with food. In addition, the blades are stainless steel, so, in regard to the quality of the materials, you are facing a real wonder.

In addition, the purchase includes a hand guard and food container, as well as a brush to easily clean the mandolin when you finish using it.

In short, an excellent utensil that, although it does not have any extra that makes it wonderful, fulfills its function very well and will help you to have the best results with the greatest comfort in your kitchen. If you are looking for a cheap kitchen mandolin, this is the most appropriate one for you.


Sterline Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer with Hand Guard Food Holder

The Best Kitchen Mandolins 1 The Best Kitchen Mandolins

Now, given the best cheap option, we can move on to see the best in terms of quality-price. Here, although the price is a bit higher, the truth is that it is still quite affordable. It is, of course, the Sterline.

This mandolin allows you to adjust the thickness of the cuts from 3 to 9 millimeters, so that you can easily get the best cut for your dishes, depending on whether you need something thicker or finer.

Its use is very simple and fast, with a special system that allows to assemble and disassemble the mandolin with its different types of cut in a few minutes and get cut the vegetables to the right size in a very short time.

In addition, the materials used in its manufacture could not be better. All the mandolin is made with stainless steel, is a manufacturing quality of the utensils used in restaurants.

The opinions of the customers are especially good in this mandolin. All focus especially on that the blades are excellent and cut to perfection, in addition to cleaning quite easily.

It is no coincidence that this kitchen mandolin has a 5 out of 5 on Amazon. That is, the maximum note that buyers can give. And no complaints in the comments. Something really surprising.

Therefore, if you want a good quality kitchen mandolin, but still have a low enough price, we recommend that you do not look any further and stay with Sterline. It is difficult to find something with better value for money.


Mandoline Slicer,Asscom Vegetable Slicer,Vegetable Cutter,Cheese Slicer

The Best Kitchen Mandolins 2 The Best Kitchen Mandolins

And, for those who do not settle for little, we can already talk about a high-end product. As you can imagine, here the quality is already higher, as is the price. We talked, how could it be otherwise, of the Asscom.

The first thing to mention about this mandolin is that it has five interchangeable blades to get the best results in the cut at all times. And, of course, all the blades are made of stainless steel.

In addition to the stainless steel blades, the material used in the other parts of the mandolin is also very robust, being ABS plastic, which is also the best plastic for utensils that will be in contact with food.

It also includes a hand guard, so you can work comfortably without any risk while cutting vegetables. It also includes a brush so you can clean the mandolin easily.

It has a system that allows you to manipulate the thickness of the cut, in addition to the different thicknesses that exist in the blades themselves. These thicknesses range from 1.5 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

It is also important to mention that this mandolin has a certificate from the FDA, which is the American organization in charge of guaranteeing the quality of this type of utensils.

For all this, this mandolin has a 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with more than 20 opinions, and more than 2000 units sold. As you see, those who have tried it have been widely satisfied.

Therefore, our recommendation is that, if you are looking for a good professional kitchen mandolin, already entering the high range, you stay with this one. Then we will present the best of all, but you have to know that this already has a very high quality.


Twinzee 5 in 1 Compact Ideal Slicing Fruit Vegetable Mandoline

The Best Kitchen Mandolins 3 The Best Kitchen Mandolins

And, to finish, let’s see what is the best option in the market. Naturally, this is a high-quality option, only for the most demanding. We talked, how could it be otherwise, of the Twinzee.

This mandolin is, without doubt, the best of all, because it allows you to customize each cut with its five interchangeable blades, getting the best type of cut for your food at all times.

It also allows you to have as much security as possible while doing it because it is designed in such a way that cutting yourself off with it is practically impossible. In addition, it includes a hand protector just in case.

In addition, the base is stable and non-slip, so you have extra security that the previous options did not contemplate. And you know that these security extras should always be valued positively.

Another relevant point to mention is that this mandolin includes nine cooking tools that fit perfectly inside the mandolin container itself, so you save space in the kitchen.

And, finally, we must mention that it has a lifetime guarantee, so that, if you are not happy with the purchase, you can let the seller know, and they will return the money without obligation.

In short, a purchase of the most intelligent, at a fairly affordable price, and that allows you to enjoy in your home one of the best utensils. If you are a demanding person and you want the best quality, you should not let yourself be carried away by any other option.

What should you look for when buying a kitchen mandolin?

And, now, after seeing the best purchase options, let’s look at the purchase guide itself. Thus, you can buy the best option even without staying with any of those that we have mentioned. These characteristics are basic to get your purchase right!

Materials, ease of use and ease of cleaning

The three factors that must be taken into account when buying a kitchen mandolin (in addition to the three basic of any product, which you will see below), are the materials, ease of use and ease of cleaning.

The mandolin has to have smooth surfaces, with stainless steel blades, a robust body, and safety systems that ensure its use is comfortable, practical and totally simple. The last thing we want are dangers in the kitchen.

Brand, price, and opinions

Obviously, you will also have to look at the brand, the price and the opinions behind it. With these three factors well balanced, it is very difficult to make mistakes in your purchase. Let’s see them with a little more depth.

As for the brand, you should always look for the most popular and known one. Popular brands are because they have been serving consumers well for some time. Therefore, it is a very useful first filter.

As for the price, naturally, you have to look for the lowest possible. Nor will we forget to look if there are current offers or discounts. Of course, remember that a low price usually implies lower quality. This should never be forgotten.

Finally, with regard to opinions, you should always review them. It is information of great value, which will avoid possible mistakes. The information of previous buyers is of vital importance!

As you can see, we have created the most complete guide to purchasing mandolins from the internet. We hope you found it useful and used to buy the best kitchen mandolin. And, to finish, if you share this guide in your social networks… We would be very grateful!

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