The Best Home Projector Screens

Are you interested in buying a projector screen? In that case, you are in the right place. We have the best projector screen purchase guide. We hope it helps you make the best possible purchase!

In Buy Online Cheap we always say that it is impossible to say which projector screen is better, and this time it will not be different. To say what is better and what is a worse matter more the needs and tastes of the buyer than the product itself. Instead, we bring you four options with different characteristics.


Projection Screen, YOKKAO Portable Freestanding

The Best Home Projector Screens 0 The Best Home Projector Screens

Let’s start with an option at a reduced price, as we always do in Buy Online Cheap. So, even if you have a tight budget, you can have your option. And, in this case, we have to talk about YOKKAO 100 “.

The first thing to say about this cheap projector screen is that it has garnered a 5 out of 5 on Amazon. That is the highest grade. And, considering that it has sold more than 2300 units, it is something to take into account.

As for the specific characteristics of this projector screen, we have to mention that it has 100 inches and a recommended resolution of 16: 9. You just have to install it on a wall or on a stand and start enjoying.

Another important point of this screen is that it is very easy to clean. On the other hand, color reproduction could not be better. The angle of vision is excellent and the light of the projected image allows the eyes not to get tired.

The biggest problem with this projector screen is that it does not include support itself. However, for the price it has, the truth is that it is not something that can be thrown in your face.

There are also comments that make reference to that it is necessary to take into account not to tighten in excess the screen because that can produce tears in the holes. So be careful in the installation.

Another negative point is that it is a screen that needs to be fixed in one place (or, at least, it is not advisable to take it from one place to another). However, if this is not a problem for you, the truth is that it is a very good option.

Therefore, we can say that, if you were looking for a good screen for the cheap projector, the YOKKAO 100 ” is one of the best options at your fingertips. It is not the best of the market, but its quality is quite high for the low price it has.


120 Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen, P-JING Portable Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector

The Best Home Projector Screens 1 The Best Home Projector Screens

Now, it is time to see what is the best option in terms of value for money. This option has better quality, and it is only a little more expensive. And, if we talk about the best purchase option for quality-price, we have to talk about P-JING Portable.

This screen has sold more than 1400 units and has reaped a not inconsiderable 4.5 out of 5. It is not note as high as the previous one, but it is understandable, considering that it is also a little more expensive.

Now, from what we have been able to verify, it is a projector screen that we can consider a bit higher. Among other things, because it is transportable and it is not necessary to have it fixed in a single place.

Its dimensions are 180 * 180 centimeters and includes a tripod so you do not need any additional support. This, as you may suppose, is a substantive improvement over the previous option.

It is necessary to mention that it has Auto-Stop, adjustable to any height and that it has the black edges of 3 centimeters. Its use is recommended for formats 1: 1, 4: 3 and 16: 9. If you want to make conferences or enjoy the best cinema in your home, this is a great option.

In addition, to make it easier to transport from one place to another, includes a carrying bag for the screen, with tape so you can hang it on your shoulder and the transport is as comfortable and simple as possible.

So, if what you were looking for was a projector screen with good value for money, then you should bet on the P-JING Portable. Very high quality at a fairly tight price.

And, if what you want is a higher quality, regardless of the price that implies, I recommend you take a look at the following two options, which are already fully in what we might consider the high range.


celexon 80″ Tripod Projector Screen Ultra Lightweight

The Best Home Projector Screens 2 The Best Home Projector Screens

Given the two options above, we can go to see a high-end. Here the price already shoots a little, but we also talk about a product of much more quality. And, when talking about the best high-end option, we have to talk about Celexon lightweight.

This third projector screen has a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, with more than 1500 units sold. And we must say the same as in the previous case: Being a little more expensive, it is very valuable that users have given such a good grade. Give a good account of its quality.

HD, Full HD and 4K projectors, thanks to its 177 * 100 centimeters and its 16: 9 format. Therefore, it is a screen of very high quality in this regard.

The fabric is made of fiberglass, and that gives a great gain of 1.2 and a viewing angle of 120 degrees, which is much higher than the cases previously presented.

For the rest, the screen is adjustable in height and is completely removable. Unlike the first option, this is a transportable projector screen, which allows you to enjoy a much higher versatility.

It includes a black case, which allows you to transport the screen from one side to the other and, in addition, protect it when it is stored (you do not want to, a screen of these characteristics, is delicate enough to have to protect it well protected).

So, in general, we can say that, if you want a very good screen for the high-end projector, the Celexon LighWeight is one of the best options at your fingertips. It is not the best in the market, but it does have some spectacular characteristics.

And, if what you want is the best of the best because you are a very demanding person and you do not settle for anything below excellence, then I recommend you take a look at the latest proposal we have for you.


Elite Screens Manual Series, 120-INCH 16:9, Pull Down Manual Projector Screen

The Best Home Projector Screens 3 The Best Home Projector Screens

And, now, we can see what we consider the best option in the market. Logically, this is an option for the most demanding, and that shows in the price. And, in our opinion, the best option of the market is Luxscreen 120 “.

The last option we present is really wonderful. And that is something that can be seen in its more than 1000 units sold and the spectacular note that buyers give… 5 out of 5!

The maximum possible note for a screen of 120 “and format 16: 9, with black perimeter edge to achieve a greater concentration of contrast. The back is a black cloth to achieve the best results in the projections.

The angle of observation is 160 degrees, which is a real barbarity (far superior to any of the options presented above). However, it must be mentioned that it is a problem of being a fixed projector screen.

However, despite this small problem, all people have been very satisfied with the purchase. It is not usual to find in Amazon that, of ten buyers, the ten give a 5 to the product.

That is a very good sign.

And that is why we can say, without fear of making mistakes, that among the different options available, the best projector screen on the market is the Luxscreen 110 “. It is a bit more expensive than the alternatives, but it is very worthwhile given its high quality.

What should I look for when buying a projector screen?

And, after seeing the best purchase options, we can see what you should look for when buying a projector screen. So, even if you do not opt for one of the options above, you will have a good guide to make your purchases. Here we leave you the features you should notice:

Screen type for projector

First of all, you should look at the type of projector screen you are going to buy. There are essentially two types of projector screen: Fixed screens, and mobile screens.

As you can guess, fixed screens are cheaper and are simpler to install, but have the problem of not being able to move them from one place to another, and you need a flat surface, like a wall, where to place it.

On the other hand, there are mobiles, which allow their transport, since they are foldable or roll-up. However, they are usually a little more expensive and their installation requires a little more time for the result to be optimal.

Material and profit

The following two points to consider are the material used in the manufacture of the screen, and the gain that it has. These two points are going to be decisive to get your purchase right and enjoy a good quality screen.

As for the material, you do not have to worry too much, because the vast majority are manufactured in the same way, so you will not have many options to choose from.

As for the profit, you have to bear in mind that your goal is to buy a screen that clearly reflects light in all angles. You are not interested in a projector screen whose focal point is only the center of it.


The next point you have to look at is the one behind the brand. Although you think that looking at the brands is something superficial and unimportant, the truth is that it is something very relevant. In the following lines, you can see why brands are important and very useful.

To begin with, brands are a first quality filter. After all, a brand is recognized because consumers want it. If a brand does not satisfy consumers well, they will go to the next one.

Another important point is that it is easier to claim a prestigious brand than one that is not. Either because the brand itself has more guarantees, or because you can press through social networks, the service is usually better. Because of this, the guarantees and the service are also usually better.

So, for our part, we recommend that you look at the brand when buying. It is a first quality filter and, in addition, it allows you more facilities to claim if something goes wrong. That being so, it’s worth it even when the price is a bit higher than the alternatives.


It is also important that you notice the price of what you are buying, naturally. Here there is not much to explain. Only two essential points: You have to look for discounts and offers and, of course, the lowest price.

In other words, first, you have to find what offers the cheapest price. Naturally, we do not recommend sacrificing quality for finding a low price. But, with equal qualities, you always have to keep the cheapest option.

And, on the other hand, you also have to be aware of offers and discounts. These types of offers can put at your disposal products that, otherwise, you could never buy. This looks great on Amazon, where you can often find discounts of up to 70%.


Finally, it is also important that you look at the opinions of previous buyers. In fact, this could be considered the most important information of all. That information from other buyers is very useful to guess or not to make a mistake in the purchase.

This information, after all, has been left by people who have already made a mistake or made a purchase. It is very reliable information, because they are people like you, it is not the brand itself that gives that information. The best thing you can do is look for products with many reviews and opinions and, logically, be good.

And, in fact, the reviews allow you to correct errors that you may commit in the previous points. You could find, for example, a product with a good brand and a reasonable price, but bad reviews. In this case, you should guide yourself through the reviews and not risk making the purchase.

As you have seen, our projector screen purchase guide is the best of all the internet. We hope you found it useful and helped you find the best projector screen for your needs. And, now, if you want to help us, it would be great for you to share the guide on your social networks!

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