The Best Home Gym Weight Benches

One of the most important elements when making a gym at home (or something similar, because you never get a real gym at home), is to have a weight bench. Today, we talk about which are the best and what you should look for when buying one.

Next, I present the best options to buy a cheap muscle-building bench. Later, I will show you the characteristics that you should keep in mind when buying a product of this type. But, for now, let’s look at the best options to buy a weight bench.


Physionics HNTLB07 Weight Bench Fitness Training

The Best Home Gym Weight Benches 0 The Best Home Gym Weight Benches

The first bank that we are going to present has a very affordable price and, although it does not have anything particularly remarkable, it can be said that it is interesting enough to have it at home and take advantage of it to do occasional weights.

It is a bench with adjustable backrest, with a length of 133 centimeters by 33 centimeters wide. Additionally, its height is 48 centimeters from the ground, while the total height (with the vertical backrest) is 120 centimeters.

Its weight is approximately 11 kilos and can support up to 100 kilos. Therefore, although you can support most people, if you exceed that weight, it will be preferable that you look for a safer alternative.

The backrest is adjustable in nine different positions, so you can perform different exercises and work, as well, different muscles of the body with the same bench, which is the minimum that is required of an appliance of these characteristics.

Includes leg bar so you can do exercises of this type, too. The seat is upholstered, so you can be much more comfortable and enjoy a good texture during work.

The structure is made of steel, which gives it excellent strength and durability. Of course, the part of the backrest and the bench has padding that provides the greatest possible comfort.

With this bench you can do military press, incline and flat bench press, declined bench press and declined abdominals.

In short, a good option for those people who do not want to spend more than the account. Although if you are demanding, you probably want some of the options that we present a little below.


Marcy Fitness Adjustable Olympic Weight Workout Bench with Rack

The Best Home Gym Weight Benches 1 The Best Home Gym Weight Benches

And from the cheap weight bench, we went to the muscle bench with the best value for money, which is the Marcy Fitness Adjustable Olympic Weight Workout Bench with Rack, with characteristics superior to the previous one, but a price not too high.

This muscle bench allows to carry out a prolonged training with a good variety of exercises. Includes two curls for arms, one for legs and support for weights with a very robust design.

Unlike the previous one, which only supported 100 kilos, this robust structure with metallic finishes can support up to 160 kilos, so anyone can count on this bank and get the most out of it.

It has a protective layer that protects the entire bank against corrosion and scratches. Therefore, although it has a slightly higher price than the previous one, you also have a noticeably longer durability guarantee.

The training surfaces, on the other hand, are padded with PVC leather, which is very comfortable and also easy to clean and dry.

On the other hand, the bank includes three different tilting positions on the backrest, ranging from 10 to 60 degrees. Thus, you can perform different types of exercises and get the most out of it.

In addition, thanks to the curls for arms, you can exercise them in a remarkable way, improving the muscles of the arms and the back at the same time. The curl of legs, additionally, will allow you to exercise the legs and abdomen without difficulty.


Adjustable Fitness Bench

The Best Home Gym Weight Benches 2 The Best Home Gym Weight Benches

And from the best weight bench in relation quality-price, we passed to a good professional weight bench. This is the Adjustable Fitness Bench and, although its price is somewhat higher, the truth is that it offers everything you need to exercise in the best possible way.

It’s no coincidence that it has 4.7 stars on Amazon and a collection of exceptionally good reviews. If you want a good muscle building bench, but without going to the most expensive market, this is the option you were looking for.

It is a reclining bench with six positions that reach up to 90ยบ incline, which guarantees that you can perform all the exercises you want with total freedom and comfort.

Of course, its structure is solid, capable of holding up to 250 kilos, and with exceptional durability and resistance. In addition, it has rubber on the legs so that it does not scratch the ground or cause any damage.

The opinions are exceptional in general, mentioning that it is a very robust and comfortable product, which, despite not having a huge amount of extras, offers everything necessary to a muscle-building bench. And, in addition, with exceptional quality.

The biggest criticism that is made (and rightly so) is that it does not have a declined position. But, for the rest, it is an excellent weight bench, with which you can exercise practically any part of your body.


Phoenix 99225 Mid Width Power Bench

The Best Home Gym Weight Benches 3 The Best Home Gym Weight Benches

And finally, if you are looking for the best muscle building bench in the market, we have to tell you about the Phoenix 99225, which has everything you need to do a complete exercise, in a comfortable and efficient way.

It has everything you need to do the typical exercises that are demanded from a muscle-building bench and, in addition, it includes two arms curls and one leg curl.

The weight that tolerates this weight bench is 160 kilos, which is fine even though it does not reach the tolerance of the previous one. But, in reality, there are few people who need a bank that can withstand more than 160 kilos of weight.

It has a footrest with six height adjustments, different supports for weights and, in addition, includes a bar to be able to do pull-ups. Therefore, it is a very complete muscle building bench with many extras, without becoming a multi-station machine.

Of course, the device is made of strong and robust steel, with the PVC padded surface very comfortable and easy to clean and dry. The only negative is that there is no rubber on the legs to avoid damaging the floor. But, for the rest, it’s excellent.

The backrest is adjustable with four tilt adjustments, which, together with the different adjustments of the bar stand allows you to have a very complete and effective exercise.

Undoubtedly, the best weight bench in the market today for a person who wants to be able to exercise at home. Its price is a little higher than the previous ones, but you make sure you have an excellent bank that will last you a long time.

Features that a bench should have to make weights

The gym benches should have some special features, beyond the basics, which could be comfort and have weight support. Therefore, we should explain what are those characteristics that you must take into account in your purchase.

Type of bank

First, you have to look at the type of bank you are about to buy. Next, I point out the types of banks that are in the market and that may interest you:

  1. Adjustable weight bench: This type of bench has a system of pins or pins that allow you to adjust the range of inclination so that you can use the same bench for different exercises.
  2. Flat muscle bench: The flat muscle bench is a bench that, as the name suggests, does not allow adjustment of the inclination. It’s the typical training bench you can see in prison movies. It has nothing special, but, in exchange, it has an affordable price.
  3. Olympic weight bench with support: This type of banks have a rack that eliminates the need to buy additional support for the dumbbell. They are very popular banks both in home gyms and professionals.
  4. Specialized bank: Specialized banks are specially designed for a specific type of exercise. Therefore, they allow the best service in that particular exercise, but they do not work for other exercises. They are usually used in professional gyms.

Used space

Obviously, when you already have the above clear, you have to find that bank that occupies less space, both during the time of use, as at the time of picking it up and saving it.

The most advisable thing is that it has the sufficient size so that you can do your exercises comfortably and, later, it can be collected so that it does not bother more than the account. For example, a folding bench can be a good option in this regard (although there are not many with this feature).

Adjustments and security

Finally, you have to look at the adjustments that the bank has, and the security it brings.

For example, the degree of inclination a bank has is one of its adjustment characteristics.

On the other hand, if you have a rack to place the dumbbell, that allows you a greater degree of security than if you do not have it.

You have to look at these aspects because they are the ones that will give you extra comfort and safety when doing your exercises.

As you can see, buying a weight bench is important for your home gym to have it all. If you have one of these elements, you can do a good amount of different exercises, to enhance the muscle building of different parts of the body.

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