The Best Hair Straighteners

If Google has brought you here, it’s probably because you’re looking for a good hair straightener. Congratulations, you are on the best page you could find on the net. We have the most complete purchase guide in this regard and a list of the best hair straighteners.

It is impossible to say which is the best hair straightener without more, because that depends, in good measure, on your needs and particular tastes. Therefore, we bring a complete list of the best hair straighteners according to several factors.


Philips Hp8321 Essential Care 1-Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Best Hair Straighteners 0 The Best Hair Straighteners

First, as usual, let’s start with an economic option. So, although you are not going through the most economically comfortable time, you can enjoy a good hair straightener. And, for this type of product, the best affordable option is the Philips EssentialCare HP8321/00.

These plates fall into the group that could be called long and thin plates, which serve to smooth, but also to make more complicated hairstyles, with curls and curls, for example.

In addition, this type of plates is the best for short hair and do not have too much hair, so you should opt for them if your hair type is like that.

Of course, we can not ignore the fact that the brand behind these plates is of high quality. That also has to be taken into account, because a good brand is always a guarantee of quality.

On the other hand, it has a lock closure for easy storage, as well as a 1.8-meter long rotating cable. It is also important to note that it is ready to be used in just 60 seconds.

The temperature reached is 210 degrees, and is applied evenly and comfortably thanks to the ceramic plates with tourmaline that it has (which, in addition, will help you reduce frizz a little – although not as much as the following ).

In short, these are very interesting plates for people with little abundant hair and not very long hair. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your plates, this is your best option by far.



The Best Hair Straighteners 1 The Best Hair Straighteners

Now, let’s see what is the best hair straightener in terms of value for money. Thus, those people who seek the best at the lowest price will also find their option. And, in our experience, the best quality-price option is that of Rowenta Optiliss Elite.

The Rowenta Optiliss Elite plate is one of the most famous and most used today. Although it is not overly professional (as you can see by its price), the truth is that it has some very interesting features.

For starters, it has a coating of keratin and tourmaline on its plates, which allows the hair to be much better-taken care of. Keratin guarantees that the hair has greater strength and elasticity, while the tourmaline prevents frizz.

The result of plates of this type is that the hair is ultra-soft, much healthier and brighter, which is what any woman looks for when using a plate of this type. That is why so many people have turned these plates into one of the most sold.

Another interesting point of these plates is that you can select the temperature you want to apply to the hair, so they are very suitable for fine hairs, which usually suffer from fixed temperature plates. The thermostat reaches 230 degrees.

The heating takes place tremendously fast, being able to begin to use them only 30 seconds after having ignited the plates.

Also, since they are thin plates, you can use them both to straighten your hair and to make different types of hairstyles, like curls and ripples. That is, it gives you the versatility you need on a day-to-day basis.

In short, the Rowenta Optiliss Elite is one of the best selling plates, and it’s no coincidence because it has different characteristics that make it more interesting, as you could see. If you are looking for the best quality-price option, do not hesitate Rowenta Optiliss Elite.


GHD V Gold Professional

The Best Hair Straighteners 2 The Best Hair Straighteners

And, now, we can move on to see an option of a range a little higher than the previous ones. If you want a good hair straightener, this is a little better than the previous one, although also a little more expensive. We talked, how could it be otherwise, of GHD V Gold Professional.

These irons are suitable for all types of hair, including that long and thick hair that normally do not have great results with the narrowest plates. These plates will give you 100%.

Its plates are ceramic and, in addition, golden and tilting, which allows them to slide more easily through the hair, allowing you to mold all types of hair and lengths with the least effort.

The edges of the plates, moreover, are contoured, which helps to create curls and waves, as well as, of course, their main objective, which is to straighten the hair. Therefore, it offers a really surprising versatility.

Of course, these boards have a security system that disconnects the plates automatically if they detect 30 minutes of inactivity, so as to prevent any type of accident. In addition, they have a system to facilitate their storage.

Finally, it should be noted that these plates are very common in the backs of television sets. It is a very professional product, whose price is a bit high precisely because of it. But, if you are demanding, you should not hesitate.


Braun ST780 Sensocare Satin Hair 7 Straightener

The Best Hair Straighteners 3 The Best Hair Straighteners

To finish, let’s see what we have considered the best option in the market. Now you can imagine that being the best option in the market, this hair straightener is a bit expensive, but it also has higher quality. This is the best option for people who are really demanding. We are talking about the Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare ST780.

The first thing to mention is that, although this is the best option to buy for a normal person (and not a professional), the truth is that it is not the most expensive option.

This is unusual. Normally the best option is also the most expensive, but in this case, it does not happen that way. In fact, these plates, which we consider the best, have a price that is more or less half of the previous ones.

But… Why do we consider them better? First, because the plates of these plates have sensors to detect when it is necessary to change the temperature that is being applied. And, of course, it’s something he does automatically.

This way, you make sure that your hair does not suffer the least because the plates detect at every moment the temperature they should apply. That, added to that they are ceramic, allows you to achieve spectacular results.

It allows you to store data from three different users so that if you share a flat with other girls, you can use all three of the same plates, and get good results, because you will remember the characteristics of your hair.

Finally, the rounded edges allow you to create all kinds of curls and waves, achieving greater versatility in hairstyles, which is something that should always be taken into account.

In short, if you want the best plates, our recommendation is that you opt for these. Also, they do not have a price as high as the previous ones, and that is something that should always be taken into account.

What to look for when buying some hair straighteners?

Now that we have seen the best buying options, let’s take a look at the features that must be taken into account when buying a hair straightener. So, even if you do not buy one of the options mentioned above, you can make the right purchase.

Materials and technology

First, you have to look at the materials and the technology that has been used to make the plates. In this sense, we can find the following options:

  1. Ceramic: It is the dominant material in most medium and high-end irons, because it has a very low friction ratio, it is a good conductor and it is quite durable. In addition, it transmits negative ions, so it balances the charge of static electricity, which helps to avoid frizz and ruffled hairs.
  2. Tourmaline ceramic: Tourmaline is a mineral of the silicate class, which has the property of being pyroelectric. This property, beyond the scientific explanation, allows the hair to curl less and have a brighter and healthier appearance. Typically, tourmaline is mixed with ceramics during manufacture.
  3. Titanium: Titanium is also a good material for hair irons because it is a better conductor term than ceramics, it is lightweight and very resistant to extreme temperature changes. These plates have a longer life than ceramic plates, so they are a very smart buying option if you want to save money in the long term.
  4. Ionizers: When you see a plate with ionizers, or a plate loaded with ions, basically it is a plate that is charged with negative ions that help reduce frizziness and hair frizz, as you have seen in previous cases.
  5. Infrared heat: Lately you are seeing this type of plates, which use infrared heat as an advertising claim. However, there is no scientific evidence to support anything in favor of this type of plates. Therefore, our recommendation is that you choose any of the above options.


Another point in which you have to fix is in the thickness of the plates. Next, we explain the differences that exist between the different types of thickness and how they affect the use of the plates:

  1. Narrow plates: They are the most versatile when creating different hairstyles. They serve both to straighten hair, to make curls and waves. Therefore, they are the most recommended for those who want different hairstyles. They are also the most recommended for short or little abundant manes.
  2. Medium plates: These are the most conventional, and are best suited for women who only aim to straighten hair (although you can also get some undulations and curls). They are also recommended for medium density hair and a not too long in length.
  3. Wide plates: Finally, we have wide plates, which are used only for smoothing or to create very wide undulations. In addition, they are the most recommended if your mane is abundant or has a considerable length.


The next point to consider is the temperature that the plates have to have. As you can imagine, this is a point of vital importance, so let’s see what are the different options at our disposal:

  1. Variable temperature plates: Fine hair is not able to withstand temperatures as high as medium or thicker hairs. Therefore, for those people who have this type of hair, the most suitable type of plate is the variable temperature. Basically, they allow regulating the temperature.
  2. Fixed temperature plates: These plates have no temperature regulator, so they are always working at the optimum temperature. But, of course, every mane is a world, so you must be careful. This type of plates are useful for medium or thick hair, but not for fine hair.
  3. Automatic temperature plates: This type of last generation plates include sensors that make continuous measurements and constantly readjust the temperature so that your hair is always safe from burning. Therefore, if you have money, this type of plates are the most recommended.

Dry hair or wet hair

Another point to keep in mind is the type of iron under whether they are for wet hair or for dry hair. Keep in mind, before this explanation, that our list does not include plates of this type. All are for dry hair.

You must bear in mind that, in general, using a plate with wet hair, usually gives bad results. It is much better to choose to iron it when it is already dry. However, there are plates for use with wet hair.

This type of plates have a system that allows water vapor to escape, so they do not have the problem of the normal plates, which literally boil your hair… And that is something undesirable.

Irons to curl and wave?

Another important point is whether you want an iron to straighten your hair or to make curls and ripples. You should know that there are different devices for this, that work better than the plates.

In this list, we have presented plates to smooth, but also serve for curls and undulations in some cases. But, in general, they are aimed at smoothing more than getting other types of hairstyles.

Therefore, if you want to have curls or waves, it is best to buy a device specially designed for it. In this case, we recommend that you visit our guide to buy the best hair curlers. They will also serve you for undulations.


Another fundamental aspect that must be considered is that of the brand. Although sometimes it is a bit superficial talking about brands, the truth is that brands are a good way to have some guarantee of quality.

The popular and well-known brands are because they have been able to offer quality over time. If it had not been like that, it would not have come to be recognized, because it would not have followers.

Therefore, if the brand that is behind the product you’re looking at is good, it’s worth taking more into account.


Another fundamental aspect that must be taken into account is the price. In addition to comparing prices of different products, it is interesting to check if there are offers or discounts. Perhaps this seems obvious to you, but, equally, it is important to remember it.

As you can suppose, in general, the best thing will be to opt for the lowest price there is. But be careful, because sometimes, cheap is not the best, and may end up going expensive. Therefore, it is not recommended that you make your purchases by only looking at the prices.


Finally, the opinions of previous buyers are also very important. You may have found a good product, with a good brand and a good price… but your opinions are very bad (for whatever reason).

As a general rule, if a product has bad opinions, it will be better than you pass it and look for another one with better opinions. In such a large market, you will surely find a similar product but with better reviews.

As you can see, this guide to buying the best hair straighteners has a lot of work behind it. That is why we hope you have taken advantage of it. If this has been the case and you want to help us, it would be great for us to share this guide with your friends on social networks.

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