The Best Hair Clippers for Home

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in finding the best hair clipper, right? Well, you’re in luck! We have created the best hair clipper purchase guide. We want you to help with your purchases!

Naturally, saying which hair clipper is better is impossible. That is something that, in reality, depends more on you than on the product itself. Instead, we bring you four options according to different criteria. So you can choose the best for you!


Philips Qc 5115

The Best Hair Clippers for Home 0 The Best Hair Clippers for Home

First, as is the custom in Buy Online Cheap, let’s see what cheap hair cutter is better. So, although you do not have a very high budget, you can enjoy your hair clipper. And, for a low price, our recommendation is the Philips QC5115/15.

This hair cutter is one of the best there is at low prices, and precisely that is what more than 750 buyers consider, which have given it more than 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Yes, 750 buyers very satisfied with their purchase.

It is a cutter with blades and rounded combs so you do not scratch the skin when you use it. In this way, you gain a little comfort in the use and you do not have as much risk of damaging the scalp or sensitive areas as behind the ears.

The lengths that you can select for the comb are ten and they go up to 21 millimeters, and, in addition, the adjustment of the comb is very simple. You will do quickly with your mechanism.

Another interesting aspect is that the blades are kept sharp and do not need any kind of lubrication, so you will not only have a very good hair clipper for a good amount of time, but you will also be guaranteed an excellent haircut at all times.

Moreover, its design is compact and safe and has a cable, so it can be used continuously without running out of battery or showing any kind of problem (common in battery-operated cutters.

So, if you want a cheap hair clipper, this is your best option. Naturally, there are other options of higher quality, but its price is already a little higher. If you are looking for the most affordable, this is your best option.


Braun Hair Clipper Hc5030 Overseas Voltage Support

The Best Hair Clippers for Home 1 The Best Hair Clippers for Home

Now we can move on to see the best option in terms of value for money. This is the best option for those who seek a balance between price and quality. For us, the best option in terms of value for money is the Braun HC 5030.

This clipper has sharp blades of long duration, so you will have the best results cutting your hair and, in addition, you will have the guarantee that it will last for a long time, with a good life.

It has 17 length settings and two smart trim accessories that allow you to customize your hairstyles with up to 16 different lengths. With this, you can make hairstyles much more interesting than simple military hairstyles.

For the rest, when the comb is removed, it has an extra-short position that allows working the sideburns, the areas behind the ears and the nape of the neck, where a finer work is needed.

As for its technologies, it has DualBattery technology, which provides constant power. It also has the SafetyLock system, which locks and memorizes the last setting that has been used.

Finally, it can be washed perfectly under the tap without damaging it, so that its care becomes much more comfortable and simple, thus lengthening its useful life.

So, if you are looking for the best hair clipper in terms of value for money, we recommend you opt for the Braun HC 5030 because it has some very interesting features and maintains a price of the most affordable.



The Best Hair Clippers for Home 2 The Best Hair Clippers for Home

Now, let’s look at the best high-end option, but still at an affordable price. Here we are already in a segment for demanding people, with high quality and somewhat higher price. Our recommendation, in this case, is the Remington HC5810.

This clipper has ceramic coated blades, which makes your cut much finer, without jerks and with much greater effectiveness than in other hair clippers.

It has a selector disc with short lengths, allowing you to go from 0.8 to 2 millimeters, and 10 interchangeable combs with different lengths, ranging from 3 to 40 millimeters.

It is a cordless hair clipper, with a 40-minute battery, although it can also work with the cable on, in case the battery runs out when you’re halfway through work.

In addition, it has an LED indicator that warns you of how much battery you have left (or how charged it is, in case you are charging it). This way you can control the rhythm that you must carry at all times so that you do not stay half-hearted.

Finally, it includes a complete kit of accessories so that your work is carried out in the best possible way, and, in addition, a professional briefcase so that you can transport everything without any difficulty and without missing any piece.

In short, if you want an excellent hair cutter, but do not want to go to the best market because you do not want to spend a fortune, this is a great option with which you will not have any problems.


Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Best Hair Clippers for Home 3 The Best Hair Clippers for Home

And, after the above, it is time to see what is the best option in the market. This option is designed for really demanding people, who do not settle for little. So, without further ado, we present the Panasonic ER-1611.

This professional hair clipper features a linear motor with a constant force of up to 10,000 vibrations per minute, as well as a carbon fiber blade covered in titanium to get the most accurate cut possible.

Naturally, you can adjust the length of the cut (up to six levels) to get the best results and has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to use, both with cable and without cable (because, yes, it is a wireless machine).

It includes a good variety of combs to get the best possible haircuts, with great versatility. In addition, you can adjust the length of the hair clipper without combs between 0.8 and 2 millimeters, to leave the sideburns and the nape area in the best possible way.

So, if you are looking for the best hair clipper in the market, we recommend that you do not get carried away by any other option, because this is the one that has the best characteristics and, although it is a little more expensive than the alternatives, the quality is also substantially higher.

What to look for when buying hair clipper?

And, now, let’s go to the purchase guide itself. This way you will be able to guess your purchases even if you do not follow our recommendations. Above all, we recommend you pay attention to the following factors:

With cable or wireless?

First of all, you have to decide if you are going to want a machine to cut hair that has wire or is wireless. Depending on the option you choose, you will have to take into account different aspects, so it is an important decision.

The first thing you have to take into account in this regard is that the fact that a tool is wireless does not automatically make it better (although, it is true that it is something that usually facilitates the work).

The truth is that a wireless hair clipper has the problem that its autonomy is usually not very long, and also if you end up doing a good quality wireless hair clipper, it will have cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, it is not always a smart option to bet on the wireless hair cutter. Although, in the case that is what you want, I recommend that you pay attention to these basic aspects when buying a wireless hair clipper:

  1. Charging time: Make sure the charging time is fast, because some may take up to more than a day.
  2. Time of autonomy: Naturally, try to buy those that have more autonomy time, or you’ll stay halfway while you cut your hair.
  3. Possible to use with cable: If the above should happen, it is important that the machine can work without the battery connected to the power (not all can).

For the rest, if you choose a cable, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the cable is long enough (in addition to what we will show you next, which is valid for both types of hair clippers).


The next aspect that you have to look at, and is a common point both in those with cable and those that are wireless, is in the power of the engine, as it happens in virtually all tools and electronic devices.

As you can suppose, you have to demand that your hair clipper have enough power to cut the hair, which is what you are going to use it for. And this, which may seem obvious, is important because there are very thick and dense hairs, and not all machines can with them.

In general, if you have a fairly normal hair, not very thick, it is unlikely that you will have problems. But if you have very dense, thick or dense hair, you may encounter problems.

For the rest, you have to bear in mind that there are three types of motors for hair clippers:

  1. Pivotante: The pivoting motors have enough strength and power, being able to cut without problems the thickest and thickest hairs, but they are quite slow in their work.
  2. Rotary: The rotary engine is the most powerful, but machines with motors of this type tend to be larger and, therefore, more uncomfortable to operate (they are typical of professional barbershops and hairdressers).
  3. Magnetic: Magnetic motors are faster but less powerful than rotary motors, so they are a good option to shave, but not to remove a lot of hair.

Size, weight, and comfort

As it could not be otherwise, you will have to look at the size, weight, and comfort of using the hair clipper you buy. The more comfort you have when using it, the better results you can get, and the lesser the work in question will be.

In general, today there are already many hair cutting machines that are tiny, quite comfortable to handle and with a completely ergonomic design. However, the fact that most of them are like that does not mean that you do not make sure that the one you buy has these characteristics.

As you can imagine, the smaller and lighter the haircutting machine you buy, the better, although you have to keep in mind that this can affect your motor.

You must make sure there is a good balance between these two aspects.


And now we come to one of the most important issues: The blades of the machine to cut the hair. This is a very important point, so pay attention when you go to make your purchase. Otherwise, you can end up spending your money on a bad product.

Most manufacturers of clippers use blades that are self-sharpening, which means you will not have to sharpen them when they wear out (which is very important, because removing one of these machines is complicated).

In this sense, it is best to make sure that the machine you are looking at has that self-sharpening property because it is a guarantee of better results over time.

The material of the blades is also relevant. In general, they are usually used in stainless steel or some other less effective material, but coated with ceramic titanium. Either of these three options is valid, but the last two are better.

As with kitchen knives, the ceramic coating (or, failing that, the titanium coating) allows for better finishes and a much more efficient cut, although they require somewhat superior care.

In general, just check the manual of the machine you buy, and see what the manufacturer recommends after each use. Normally, it will be enough to clean the head after using the hair clipper, so that there are no traces of hair or dust.


There is a false belief that this type of machines only serves to shave the head or make military cuts, but the truth is that with a little skill you can get much more complicated and versatile cuts. For this, you need your machine to have good combs.

In this sense, there are two varieties of machines, those that have only one comb but that is adjustable, and those that have several combs that can be exchanged. In our opinion, the former is better, but in practice, the only difference is the discomfort of having to change combs (in terms of results, more or less are the same).

Naturally, it suits you to have the greatest variety of combs possible, both in one case and in the other. If they are interchangeable combs, you need more more, and, if it is adjustable, you need as many positions as possible.

And, obviously, try to make sure that the combs you buy have a good resistance to last a long time.

Laser guide

Yes, there are models of hair clippers with laser guidance. As you can guess, they are the highest-end models, so they are not available to anyone. However, if you are a demanding person (or simply a good professional), they are your best option.

Naturally, you have to ask yourself if you need an extra of this type for the haircuts you usually do. If you do not need it, it’s not worth spending that extra money. But, in some cases, it comes in handy.

For example, when you have to trim the sideburns, the nape hair or the one behind the ears, it is good that the machine indicates the most suitable areas with a laser line.

On the other hand, mention that the machines that have this property, are usually very useful to trim beards, too, so, if you are going to use the machine for both parties, it may pay you to spend that little extra money.


Finally, you have to look at whether the machine is waterproof or not. This is not especially important, because, normally, they are used with dry hair. But you may be interested, and, therefore, it is important that you check it.

As in the previous case, the machines that are waterproof are high-end, so they imply a higher price. And, generally, people who are interested in water-resistant hair clippers are also using them to trim their beards.

Therefore, if, as in the previous case, you are thinking of buying a machine that allows you to do both jobs, you may be interested in having this property.


Naturally, you will also have to keep an eye on the brand behind it. You may think that looking at the marks is superficial, but I assure you it is not. Good brands are always a guarantee.

When a brand is known, it means that it has done its job well. Otherwise, I would never have had that recognition. In general, a popular brand is a good brand.

Therefore, we recommend that you opt whenever possible for the best brands. In this way, you will have certain guarantees of quality. It is an easy filter to apply and very effective.


It could not be otherwise: The price should also be taken into account to make the best possible purchase. There is nothing more natural than searching for the best product at the lowest possible price. This is how you have to do it, but keeping in mind the following:

The first thing is to try to find discounts and offers available. In this way, you can buy products of a higher quality than you expected. You may not find offers or discounts, but it’s worth a try.

Second, remember not to sacrifice quality to find a better price. Buy fixing only on prices is the best way to make mistakes in your purchases. It is better to spend a little more. In the long term, you will get a better price.


To finish, I recommend you always look at the opinions. In the end, this is the filter of common sense. It is clear that if someone who has already made the purchase does not recommend doing it, you should not do it.

You may find products with good prices and a good brand, but the opinions of the people are very bad. If so, my recommendation is that you do not make the purchase. There is no need to take risks.

In the end, a bad review is a bad purchase made by another person. If people give you that information for free, you have to take it. Do not fall into the same mistake that another person fell into!

As you can see, this is the best guide to buying hair clipper. We hope you found it useful and helped you with your purchases. And, now, if you want to help us… It would not hurt us to recommend this guide to your friends!

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