The Best Blenders

Today we bring a list of the best blenders that you can find today. And is that, between the different appliances that must be in a kitchen, you can not miss the blender. And it’s not worth any blender. So do not lose detail!

It is a bit difficult to say which is the best glass blender because each person has their own preferences. Therefore, we bring you a list of different powerful mixers, but with different qualities, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Philips Hr2195 Avance Collection Glass Jar Smoothie Ice Crush Blender

The Best Blenders 0 The Best Blenders

Without a doubt, this is one of the best glass blenders. Opinions such as those that have this mixer are very difficult to get any product on Amazon, so we can already guess the good quality that this product offers us.

And, how could it be otherwise, we talk about the Philips HR2195/0, an American glass blender that has nothing more and nothing less than 258 positive opinions on Amazon, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

It has a very powerful 900W motor, and a ProBlend six blade, which allows to beat and cut any food in the most efficient way. A power that, frankly, few market mixers are capable of achieving.

Its high-quality glass jug is two liters, so you can make purees, crush food, prepare smoothies, etc. in good quantities, so that the whole family can enjoy them.

It includes several buttons so that you can use it in the best possible way by virtue of what you are preparing. It has a special option for smoothies, and another special option to prepare simpler foods.

And, of course, it has an exceptional program to crush ice, which all cup blenders of this type incorporate and that can not be missing in any kitchen.

In short, if you’re looking for a blender and not one of the normal, this is the best you’ll find in the market. It’s not worth looking for more.


Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Plus Multiquick 750-watt Hand Blender

The Best Blenders 1 The Best Blenders

Finally, we have the best blender in the market. It is a more expensive product, but of unquestionable quality. If you want the best, you have to opt for the Braun MQ745 Patisserie.

This mixer belongs to the Braun Minipimer 7 range, in which there are different options for different objectives. However, this is the most interesting option, with greater versatility, and with spectacular features.

It has an easy speed regulator

Activate, which can be manipulated with one hand, without having to stop what you’re doing. It’s simple: The more you tighten the regulator, the more speed the mixer reaches.

Thanks to this system, you have a much faster, comfortable and precise way to crush your food, and, in addition, allows you to cook with much more love and care because you have a sensitivity and a direct touch on the device.

It should be noted that, in addition, its anti-spatter hood is patented, with a totally stainless steel design, which allows you not to dirty the kitchen… Even if you are a bit clumsy like me!

It includes a measuring glass of 600 milliliters and rods with which you can assemble eggs, prepare cream, and many other pastry items. By mixing the SmartSpeed function with the rods, you can do wonders.

And all this with the security provided by German manufacturing, which always provides guarantees. Without a doubt, it is the best blender that is currently on the market, and, if you are demanding, you should not settle for anything inferior.

What should I look for when buying a blender?

Then, after seeing the best options in the market, let’s take a look, too, at the characteristics that you have to take into account when going to the store. So, even if you do not choose a blender from the list, you can make your purchase intelligently.

Type of blender

First of all, it is convenient that you look at the type of blender that most interests you, because there are three types, and each serves its own functions. Let’s see what these three options are:

  1. The blender of glass: First of all, we have the glass blender, which has three elements (support, glass, and blades). In this type of blenders, the glass is anchored to the motor and the blades are driven. It is the kind of classic blender and usual to make smoothies, for example.
  2. Hand blender: The engine is where we place the hand and counts, at the end, with the blades. It is used, fundamentally, to grind, and is the most common blender and usual in all kitchens.
  3. Kneading mixer and rod: These blenders are typical pastry, and its main objective is to make different types of dough. Here you can find the rod blenders (like the hand blender, but with a rod instead of blades at the end), or the kneading kitchen robots.


In addition to the above, you also have to look at the power of the blender. The more power, the more options you have when cooking. Keep in mind that some of the powers are not available in all types of blenders.

For example, cheap blenders usually have a power of 300 watts, which is enough to make some crushed. This power is usually found in hand blenders.

The blenders of between 500 and 600 watts already have more strength and resistance, so they can be given more intensive use and, in addition, can be used with foods and harder ingredients.

Finally, those of 700 watts or more are usually reserved for the most professional glass blenders, and, with this power, you can crush anything and, in addition, apply an intensive use without any kind of problem.

Controls and functionalities

The controls and functionalities of the blender are also very relevant. In general, a blender does not have very strange controls, since, in most cases, you just want to grind or chop something.

However, it is usual to have different types of power, and in some cases, some extra controls such as automatic shutdown (in case you leave it lit by a mistake) or special powers to, for example, ice.

Regarding the functionalities, there is a little more variety, and, in general, these functionalities are linked to different types of blades, which make it possible to chop different types of food, each with special characteristics that need more or less work. part of the machine.

Look at this type of controls and functionalities is important when making the purchase, because, in many cases, you will need that extra control to get the best results. Especially when you are making multifruit smoothies with ice.

Design and materials

And, as it could not be otherwise, you will also have to pay attention to the design and the materials with which the blender is made. Both on the side of durability and endurance, and on the side of design elegance.

On the side of durability, the better the product, the longer it will last, and the cheaper it will be for the long term. For this, it is best to opt for quality brands with a long track record in the market, as you will see in the next section.

As for the design, obviously, you will have to make yourself with that product that does not stand out negatively in your kitchen, and that has an appealing appearance to the eye. Not only should you give extra functionality when cooking, but it should be a decorative element.

Brand, price, and opinions

Finally, you should take a look at the opinions, the price and the brand behind the product. They are simple factors, but they are always useful. Keeping them in mind, you can ensure a successful purchase.

Well-known brands, in general, usually imply good quality (people, after all, makes a brand famous because it values its quality). Normally, the price of these brands is somewhat higher, but it is worth paying for quality. In general, it is always advisable to opt for a well-known brand.

As for the price, as you can suppose, it is always advisable to stay with the economic. Of course, without sacrificing quality along the way. And, of course, you always have to pay attention to whether there is a discount.

And, on the part of the opinions of the people, it is always a good idea to spend a few minutes reviewing them. The opinions will help you not to be mistaken in your purchase, because there may be a good brand with a good price, but that particular product is not very good.

As you can see, today it is not difficult to find the best blenders. In this list, we have gathered the most varied so you can find one that suits your needs. Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments!

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