The Best Air Purifiers

Today we bring a list of the best air purifiers you can find today. And, sometimes, the air of a home may not be the best. A purifier solves this problem. Of course, any purifier is not worth it. So do not lose detail!

As you can imagine, talking about the best air purifier in the market, first, is a bit complicated, because each person has their own preferences when determining which is the best option. Therefore, I bring you a list for you to choose according to your tastes and needs.


Air Purifier with True Hepa Filter, Houzetek Portable Quiet Mini Air Purifier

The Best Air Purifiers 0 The Best Air Purifiers

This silent air purifier is perfect for filtering dust and mold spores while helping to improve breathing in people with allergies through the elimination of harmful elements that can be found in the air. On the other hand, this device is also responsible for eliminating all kinds of bad odors, which is ideal to create a work environment in offices or bedrooms, since the purification of the air also helps to improve the quality of sleep. Also, being a purifier of small size, it can be placed on any type of surface or space, which makes it a versatile device.


It has a USB power line.

Easily transportable

HEPA filter.


Low performance in large spaces.


Philips Air Purifier Series 2000

The Best Air Purifiers 1 The Best Air Purifiers

This Philips air purifier is ideal for air purification of small or medium rooms. In addition, this device offers a complete purification of the air to be able to remove even the finest specks of dust. It also includes various functions, among which are the allergen mode, which makes it an ideal air purifier for people with allergies to dust or other elements. Also, this device has Aerasense technology, which allows the user to know what are the levels of air pollution in any room and when it is necessary to use the purifier.


It eliminates more than 99% of the allergens present in the air.

Includes touch panel.

Warning for the replacement of filters.


It does not work if the filter is in poor condition.


SUMGOTT Air Purifier Home Air Cleaner with True HEPA Air Filter

The Best Air Purifiers 2 The Best Air Purifiers

This air purifier has an efficiency of up to 99% thanks to the HEPA technology filter it has, capable of removing even the smallest dust motes. However, this device is also responsible for the filtration of mold spores, smoke and bad odors, which makes it an ideal purifier for people suffering from allergies or nose irritation. Also, its size and design make it suitable for use in various types of spaces, whether rooms, bedrooms or offices, which also becomes the ideal gift due to its many benefits.


Includes LED screen.

Includes air quality indicator.

The shipment includes filter and manual.


This model is only available in one color.


Honeywell Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler with Fan & Humidifier

The Best Air Purifiers 3 The Best Air Purifiers

This air conditioner is responsible for cooling and purifying the air in any room quickly and efficiently thanks to the functions of purification, ionization, humidification, and ventilation that counts. In addition, it has four power levels to choose from depending on the temperature you want to achieve, as well as other functions, such as a timer or uneven air current stimulator. On the other hand, this device also includes various accessories, such as carrying handles or dust filter. In the same way, the size of this air conditioner makes it very versatile when transporting it or locating it in small spaces.


Purify the air.

Easily transportable

Low consumption.


Little efficient in large spaces.


LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter

The Best Air Purifiers 4 The Best Air Purifiers

This air purifier is responsible for eliminating gases, bad odors and harmful chemicals that can be found in our house, creating a refreshing effect of fresh air that will make our home a more welcoming place. Also, this purifier has a user manual that will allow you to select the function that best suits your needs, so it is also ideal for people suffering from allergies to dust or other elements that are in the air. On the other hand, its weight and size make it an ideal device to be placed in any type of space and at the same time, it is an easily transportable device.


Eliminates air pollution efficiently.

Includes warranty of up to 2 years.

Includes night lighting settings.


You need replacement filters.


RIGOGLIOSO Portable Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA

The Best Air Purifiers 5 The Best Air Purifiers

This air purifier works with HEPA technology, so it is able to filter almost 100% of the harmful substances that can be found in the air of our home or office, from smoke or dust too bad odors caused by pets or other agents like humidity. In addition, this device has a modern design, which makes it ideal to be placed in any type of room without becoming a nuisance, and can be located both in bedrooms and offices, studios or bathrooms. Also, this device has multiple functions, such as night lighting, which allow its use at any time of the day without generating noise nuisance.


Low noise

Perfect for people with allergies.

Superior performance due to ion operation.



Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air Mid-Sized Air Purifier

The Best Air Purifiers 6 The Best Air Purifiers

This Rowenta air purifier is responsible for the elimination of bad odors and toxic elements of the air, which makes it an ideal device for use in homes. In addition, this purifier has an intelligent system that allows you to detect the level of air pollution, which allows the user to know which room needs the air purification of this device, thereby achieving a more efficient performance. On the other hand, it also has different settings in terms of filtration speed, in addition to ambient light, making it an easily adaptable device to the conditions in which the consumer will use it.


Good mark.

Size suitable for use in homes.

Different levels of filtration.


Requires filter changes.


Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier, Small, Black

The Best Air Purifiers 7 The Best Air Purifiers

Now, we go to an air purifier of a somewhat higher quality, with really striking features that will make you wonder. Of course, its price is a little higher than in previous cases. This is the Airfree Iris 3000.

It has TSS technology that allows you to eliminate allergens, bacteria, mold spores, pollen, and viruses. Therefore, not only eliminate the possibility of allergies and asthma at home but also other more serious diseases.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is absolutely silent and that it releases ions, improving the amount of ozone in the environment, something that will significantly help you to be healthier.

Thanks to its small size and its weight of only a kilo and a half, you can transport it comfortably from one room to another, achieving purification of the air in all of them (which is what you want to achieve).

Includes extra elements to use with children. For example, it has a system to prevent overheating, shutting down automatically when you need it. But, in addition, it has a multicolored system, which makes it work in up to seven different colors.

This system can be deactivated if desired, but it is very helpful when used in the children’s room because it gives them the feeling of being a toy (yes, be careful not to be treated as such, which is expensive!).

It can purify the air of rooms of up to 60 square meters, so it is very useful for rooms and large spaces. Precisely that is one of the factors that make its price somewhat higher.

In any case, despite the price point, it should be noted that it is a very good purchase option, because it offers a number of options that few purifiers offer, and that must be taken into account.


Size suitable for use in homes.

Different levels of filtration.


Little known brand


Philips AC4072 47-Watt Air Purifier

The Best Air Purifiers 8 The Best Air Purifiers

And, if we talked about the Philips AC4012/10 before, we now turn to his older brother, the AC4072/11. A purifier that is exceptional, as evidenced by the fact that, although it is expensive, have a 4.7 out of 5 in reviews on Amazon.

And it is not something that can be ignored, because, in general, the expensive products of Amazon do not usually have many criticisms, and much less positive. Therefore, you can get used to the idea that this product is worth it.

In fact, at the time of making this list, I have had serious doubts about whether to place this device as the best. I could perfectly have placed him in that position, and the list would still be very objective.

In any case, it should be noted that this device has the characteristics of its little brother, but with a greater power, which allows it to purify more space faster.

This means that you will save time and, therefore, light, with the consequent saving of money on the bill. But, in addition, it should be noted that it is quieter, so you can use it while you sleep.

It is, in short, one of the best options to buy this list. Next, I’ll talk about what I consider the best option, but the reality is that this Philips also has enough features to consider it the best. Both are excellent!


Brand of recognized prestige

Size suitable for use in homes.

Different levels of filtration.


Requires filter changes.


Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

The Best Air Purifiers 9 The Best Air Purifiers

And finally, after seeing all those options, we will present what we consider the best in the market. It is a more expensive product, but of unquestionable quality. This is, of course, the Sharp KC-850U.

This is the purifier that leads the league of champions of products of this type. It is an air filter, humidifier, ionizer, and has an integrated screen. I mean, he has everything.

It has a size large enough to offer all the above mentioned, in addition to being able to give 100% in rooms of up to 38 square meters (something that few devices like this can do).

It can filter microbes, viruses, dust, mites, bacteria… Everything that can harm your family, will be collected in the filters of this magnificent device, which is totally designed to prevent diseases.

Its rate of air purification, on the other hand, is nothing more and nothing less than 360 cubic meters per hour, something that is truly exceptional, even comparing it with the more powerful options mentioned above.

The biggest drawback is that it is a bit noisy, so it may not be the best option at bedtime. Of course, with the purification offered by this device, you do not need to have it active at night, because the air will be clean beforehand.

It should be noted, finally, that it has a guarantee for filters for up to ten years. That is, you will have a product with an exceptional shelf life. Of course, its price is high, but if you divide it between those ten years, you have a fairly affordable price.

In short, a product of exceptional characteristics, a little expensive, but essential if you want to protect the best health of your family. You will not find anything better in this regard.


Size suitable for use in homes.

Different levels of filtration.


High price

What should I look for when buying an air purifier?

Now that we have seen the best options in the market, I am going to show you the features that you should look at when you go to the store. In this way, even if you do not choose any of the lists, you can buy your air purifier intelligently.

Type of purifier

The first thing you should notice is the type of purifier in question. There are four, depending on the type of technology they use. These four are activated carbon purifiers, ionization purifiers, ultraviolet purifiers, and filtration purifiers.

In the case of activated carbon purifiers, it can be said that, although they are quite good at removing gases such as odors or smoke, they are not the best when it comes to the elimination of allergens and microorganisms.

On the other hand, there are those of ionization, which allow purifying the air transforming the particles of the air into ozone and oxygen. However, a very high amount of ozone in the air can be harmful to health, which is why these types of purifiers have been removed from many countries.

Ultraviolet radiation purifiers are the best there is because they are not as radical as the previous one, but they do a very good cleaning of bacteria and viruses from all the particles suspended in the air.

Finally, there are filtration purifiers, which are the simplest and classic. Basically, they consist of physically trapping the polluting particles when they pass through a filter inside them.

In general, this last option is the most used, although it should be noted that using the option of ultraviolet radiation would be the most appropriate if you can spend more money and want to protect the health of your family as much as possible.

Type of filter

The type of filter is also a relevant element to pay attention to. Obviously, this is locked inside the filter purifiers, not in the others. Although, if you use an activated carbon purifier, it is advisable that you also opt for a purifier that includes one of these filters (preferably HEPA).

The types of filters that are available are the following:

  1. Normal filters: These filters only serve to trap large particles, reduce allergens from dust and dirt that may be in the air, but are not particularly efficient. Also, given their characteristics, they can not eliminate odors.
  2. HEPA filters: These filters are much more efficient, and can reach up to 99% of contaminated air particles because they can capture particles up to 0.2 microns in size. These filters, without a doubt, are the most recommended if you want to maintain health in your home.
  3. MERV filters: These filters are even thinner than the previous ones, which allows filtering the air much better. However, as the screen is finer, more power is also needed. In addition, they tend to be more expensive. Unless a doctor tells you that you need it, it is preferable to opt for one of the above.


Other elements in which you have to fix are those that have to do with performance. For example, the ACH, which is the change of air per hour, and that is what will let you know how much dirty air will be cleaned every hour that you have active the purifier.

The CADR, on the other hand, is the metric of how much free air the particles emit the device, which will allow you to evaluate the capacity and performance of it. The higher, the better (in both cases).

In any case, these metrics change relatively little, and, when they do, they do so by virtue of a change in the power of the device. Therefore, if you compare two purifiers from the power, you can already get an idea of which has better ACH and CADR metrics.

Brand, price, and opinions

To finish, as in any purchase you make, you have to look at the brand, the opinions of the people and the price. These three elements are related to each other, and they are very important. Paying attention to the three, you can get very good purchases.

Well-known brands, in general, usually imply good quality (people, after all, value quality). Normally, the price of these brands is somewhat higher, but it’s worth paying that difference. I always opt for good brands, even if I spend a little more.

For the part of the price, as you can suppose, you have to opt for the cheapest. Of course, without this implying a reduction in quality. And, obviously, with an eye always on the discounts and offers.

And, on the part of the opinions of the people, it is convenient to review them for a few minutes. You can find a product with a good price and a solid brand behind it, but that people consider is not worth it.

As you have seen, today it is not difficult to find the best air purifiers. In this list, we have gathered the most varied so you can find one that suits your needs. I hope you found it useful!

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